Create a Branded Display That People Remember

Create a Branded Display That People Remember

Brand style guides and takes the heart and soul of your brand. It represents your mission, vision, and values. Your brand is an amalgam of insights. They combine to create a promise of what a customer can expect from your products and services. In light of this, did you know that how you represent your products in a branded display can impact your sales?

Sensory branding allows a marketing approach to be profitable and successful. About 99% of all brand communication focus on only two of the senses – the sense of sight and sense of sound. So, when you add the other senses, you can achieve better branding design. This can then lead to increased sales. Ready to get started? Check out this guide we’ve made to help you create the best-branded display for your business.

Create a Lasting First Impression

First impressions do last. A study said that first impressions are a lot stickier than we’re inclined to believe. The first impressions people get from looking at the photograph influence their perception. This means that even if they meet in person, that impression remains. In a branded display, the customer’s first impression of your stall would determine if they want to explore further.

For instance, you have a well-crafted and eye-catching window display. When people make the first impression that the brand is unique and astounding, they would enter the shop. In fact, they may even buy your products then and there. Remember: A brand design creates an opportunity for you to reach out to your customers. It gives you a physical space to visually communicate your brand message. Use this space to wow your customers right off the bat.

Collect Amazing Brand Inspiration

To help you come up with a great brand style design, look at inspiration boards online. These photos may give you an idea of what you want your display to look like. Think about the things that worked for your brand in the past. Also, make sure you contemplate on what the displays of your competitors look like. From there, build your unique design that can surpass your competitor’s. With many businesses today, it’s important to stand out from the others. Integrating various designs and ideas would create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Create an Eye-Catching Branded Display

Beautiful, colourful, and eye-catching displays will make your customers remember you. But you only have a few seconds to make them believe your displays indeed have these features. Here’s something to put things in perspective: Sensory memories remain for tiny time periods. They come from the sensory organs like the eyes. The thing is, the brain only retains them less than 500 milliseconds.

That’s right. It only takes a few hundred milliseconds to make that impact on your customers. On whether they’ll remember your brand or not. This is a primary reason company spend so much money to design their corporate logos. A study shows that the logo can impact a customer’s perception of the brand. People will make assessments of a company, brand, or product based on the shape of the logo. This said you want to make certain you develop a good and eye-catching logo design.

Consider Your Display Colors

Aside from the design, the colours of your branded display are also crucial. Are you aware of how people have a higher likelihood to remember a particular colour than a product or brand? That’s because colours are so powerful they can influence a person’s mood. With the use of the right colours, you can install your brand in your market, even influence their buying behaviours.

For example, if your product or brand is about sporting goods, the colours that could best represent your company is green and blue. These colours represent the vibe and feel of the outdoors. Also, colour affects consumer decisions. Another study suggests that people decide to buy within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with a product or person. An estimated 62% to 90% of the assessment of the brand depending on colours.

Focus on Interactive Displays

Today, interactive display marketing and digital signage gained immense popularity across various industries. The consumer electronics market pioneered this type of display. The question is, why should you place great value on them too? A static display can get the attention of its customers through its design and use of colours. But interactive displays have a natural attention-grabbing quality. There’s also the power of interactive displays affecting customer engagement. The more the customers get engaged in your digital design, the more likely they’ll remember your brand.

Always remember that a good customer experience affects your sales. When your customers enjoy interacting with your display, they’re more likely to buy your products or services. So, incorporate videos, LED screens, and touch-screen displays on your next branded display campaign.

Craft and Play an Attractive and Unique Signage

Signage gives cues to your customers. It provides them with the needed information about a product or brand. An effective sign is an important element of visibility. If you don’t have a well-designed and installed branded display signage, you won’t gain full economic potential. Signage helps develop a memory of a particular brand or product.

Play with graphics to add personality to your store’s visual identity. This’ll attract the attention of your potential customers. At the same time though, make sure your signage uses bold and clear words. This’ll make it easier for your customers to understand it better. Remember, the attention span of humans is about eight seconds, based on a recent study. If you want to grab their attention, make sure they’ll get the information they need from your branded display right away. A good display can provide the needed information any customer needs. You can communicate this through signage, colour, and aesthetic value.

Grab the Attention of Your Customers Through Appealing Product Displays

A branded design represents your product or company as a whole. It’s a snippet of what to expect from you. It’s a way to communicate your brand to your customers through design, colours, and interactive displays.

As such, it’s important to focus on all the attention-grabbing details when developing your display plans. These details, big or small, so long as properly mixed together, will create a unique customer experience. You need to make a good impression on your clients. If you want people to remember your brand, invest in a well-designed display. You can apply any of these guidelines or better yet, mix them up to create an amazing, one-of-a-kind design.

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