Custom Inflatable Pool Toys For Promotional Giveaway

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If summer if your prime marketing time then why not try something different, instead of handing our business cards or other promotional gifts, give people an inflatable pool toy they can drop in the pool. Some of the businesses who can benefit from our custom pool toys include pool suppliers and installers, kids brands and even service-based businesses and tradesman. With completely custom production we can replicate your product, your mascot or company logo and turn it into a promotional inflatable toy. Enquire now for a fast proposal which includes free design ideas and a firm written quote emailed to you in minutes.

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Inflatable Pool Toys

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Make a splash by expressing your brand message in a fun, memorable fashion!

The world of modern business is fiercer than ever, and ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd is no easy feat. Using inflatable promo pool toys for promotional endeavours may help you ride the wave of enthusiasm to encourage increased sales through the summer and beyond.

It has to be a smarter move than persevering with boring business cards and unforgettable t-shirts...

Promotional Products That Connect You To The Customer

The success of a promotional product is often very difficult to measure. However, it’s worth remembering that increased awareness is only the start. In truth, visibility counts for very little if it isn’t complemented by a sense of connection. After all, awareness doesn’t pay the bills. Sales do.

Promotional products that provide a function are always better than those that don’t. Our range of inflatable beach balls, pool donut rings, and can holders all do this exceptionally well. Crucially, though, they are able to enhance an experience that should already be fun users of all ages. This can encourage them to make a subconscious link between your business and positive feelings. In many cases, this can be the most telling breakthrough in the battle for customers.

Let’s face it; business cards bring very little value to a client’s life. The fact that the inflatable custom pool toys allow you to generate those reactions before the customer has even purchased your goods is a truly wonderful thing.

Promotional Products That Actually Get Seen

There’s nothing worse than investing time and money into promotional tools that end up in the bin or otherwise out of sight within a matter of minutes. If this outcome is to occur, the impact created by those promotional goods will be extremely limited.

Pool toys will make an appearance whenever the user jumps in the garden pool. Likewise, it’s likely that they’ll be taken along on beach days as well as family holidays. In addition to being seen by the user time and time again, this portability and regular usage means that the brand message will be seen by thousands of passersby. Even if they don’t know about your brand and its products, many of those people will want to discover how they can get their hands on the inflatables.

It’s unlikely that the pool toys will last forever. However, users that look after their inflatables will gain months – and possibly years – of usage. As such, this type of promotional tool can have an effect that lasts far longer than many of the outdated marketing tools you’ve recently used.

Promotional Products That Let You Focus On The Brand

Custom pool toys additionally allow you to focus on what makes your company great before sharing it with the customers. We can create inflatables to your specifications. The colours and shapes allow you to bring a mascot or related brand icon to life.

The promo pool toys are particularly useful for pool shops and outdoor stores and can be given away as a freebie when customers purchase other products. This type of promo gives clients an extra incentive to choose your company while the memorable branding encourages them to come back in the future. However, the fun and exciting inflatables can be used by any company that targets a youth audience as well as those that wish to promote a relaxed, informal vibe.

In truth, the link between your company and the inflatable pool toys can be quite tenuous. After all, any summer promotion or deal can utilise these promo goods in an effective fashion. Or, they could even be used as runner-up prizes in a competition. Either way, they will generate excitement for the brand.

Why Choose Event Display?

At Event Display, we’ve helped hundreds of company’s upgrade their marketing strategies with the introduction of inflatable pool toys. Due to our completely custom production, we can replicate your product, your mascot or company logo and turn it into a promotional inflatable toy. The results are simply incredible.

Our free design process gets your project up and running in style, allowing you to see how the goods will look before making a final decision. Meanwhile, our vibrant printing processes ensure that the inflatables will continue to leave a big impression throughout their lifespan. With affordable pricing and fast turnaround times thrown into the mix, the custom pool toys truly are the perfect addition to any modern marketing campaign.

Enquire now for a fast proposal which includes free design ideas and a firm written quote emailed to you in minutes.