How to supply artwork for printing

We have a complete design team that are able to mock up your marquees, banners and any other merchandise at the drop of a hat! However we do ask that you provide us a few simple items to begin drafting your design.

Acceptable File Formats For Logos And Other Design Files

Recommended file formats

Our in-house design team provide free virtual artworks prior to you ordering products, so you can be assured you are receiving the perfect product prior to receiving your delivery. 

When submitting your logo and or artwork files, our preferred file format is either an Ai (Adobe Illustrator), EPS or PDF file. This enables us to simply drag and drop your logo on to our digital virtual product templates. This is the fastest way to receive your free virtual sample.

These formats contain vector images created entirely in digital form which enable us to resize your branding to any specification while still keeping 100% print quality.

Common Problems To Be Avoided For Maximum Print Clarity

Common artwork issues

All fonts need to be outlined or converted to curves prior to saving your artwork, this prevents fonts from changing back to default fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman, when transferred to another computer or Apple Mac.

If you would like to add your own images to a product, please try to provide larger images that are around 3000px in size, saved at between 150-300 dpi in resolution. Items like marquee walls and banner flags are a large item, and the more we have to rescale an image to fit the item, the lower the final print quality will be.

Please also embed your images or supply them separately as un-embedded images will disappear when opened on our work terminals and subsequently will not show in the final print.

Don't Despair If You Are Having Trouble Supplying Your Artwork

Our team are on standby to assist you, and we won't print your items until you approve a final draft of the design. This ensures you receive the exact item you have requested.

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