Media Walls, Custom Printed Fabric Walls For Events

Imagine a custom media wall inspired by your vision and perfectly fit to the style of your brand and business objectives. With a simple setup taking only between 5-10 minutes depending on your chosen size. Combined with a huge branding area that will compete with any billboard and weighing in at only 5-7kg these media walls are the ultimate in big advertising for your next event or promotion. Our ultra-vibrant printing systems won't leave your brand looking dull. The tube aluminium frames pop together in seconds masterfully created by people who care. The outer cover or "skins" as we call them are also interchangeable and you can order multiple designs for different events and promotions.


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  1. Stretch Expo Banners (All Sizes)
    Stretch Expo Banners (All Sizes)
    3 Days
  2. Straight Media Walls (All Sizes)
    Straight Media Walls (All Sizes)
    3 Days
  3. Curved Media Walls (All Sizes)
    Curved Media Walls (All Sizes)
    3 Days
  4. Wave Walls (All Sizes)
    Wave Walls (All Sizes)
    7 Days
  5. Economy Media Wall (All Sizes)
    Economy Media Wall (All Sizes)
    3 Days
  6. Trade Show Package Deal
    Trade Show Package Deal
    14 Days
  7. Branded Hand Sanitiser Station
    Branded Hand Sanitiser Station
    5-7 Days
  8. Straight Tabletop Stretch Display
    Straight Tabletop Stretch Display
    7 Days
  9. Curve Tabletop Stretch Display
    Curve Tabletop Stretch Display
    7 Days
  10. Printed Stretch Banner Stand
    Printed Stretch Banner Stand
    7 Days
  11. Half Leaf Expo Wall
    Half Leaf Expo Wall
    7 Days
  12. S Shape Stretch Banner
    S Shape Stretch Banner
    7 Days
  13. The Sailing Stretch Backdrop
    The Sailing Stretch Backdrop
    7-10 Days
  14. The Fin Stretch Display Stand
    The Fin Stretch Display Stand
    7-10 Days
  15. Half Dome Stretch Expo Wall
    Half Dome Stretch Expo Wall
    7 Days
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Why Choose Media Walls For Your Event Booth?

Big branding often comes at a high price, yet this does not need to be the case. Media Walls present a way for a company to attract attention at a major event such as a convention or trade show. The wall helps to increase awareness of the brand and may be used repeatedly to multiply the exposure obtained. Thanks to the reasonable cost associated with this marketing item, companies find they get an outstanding return on investment in a short period of time. With the increased brand exposure, a company may quickly take off and exceed their wildest expectations with regards to profits.

Fabric Walls Continue To Increase In Popularity

Businesses often wonder what makes these marketing tools so popular, yet the answer is very simple. They are extremely versatile, thus they can be used in a variety of ways without spending a great deal of money. The display can quickly be set up and taken down, often by only one person, and the ultra-sleek design and crisp visuals tend to catch the eye of all who pass by. The wall folds down to a size that fits into the average car boot, and a carry case is provided. As many companies tend to overlook this option when creating their marketing displays, it's a great way to stand out in the crowd and share a message with potential and existing customers.

The Many Uses Of Stretch Fabric Walls

Individuals often associate stretch walls with conferences and trade shows, yet they are suitable for many other venues. A fabric wall may be used for a photo shoot, during a press event, at a marketing seminar, or for a red carpet function. Sponsorship walls are very popular also during big events, therefore this is an option that should be taken into consideration when planning an event or function. Regardless of where it is used, the wall allows for big format exposure, and there are numerous other benefits a company receives when they make use of this marketing tool. The brand is reinforced in the minds of those who see the wall, yet it must project the right image. If it doesn't represent the vision and values of the business or organisation, it can actually damage this company, thus caution needs to be used when choosing a wall and a provider to supply the wall.

Stretch Wall Styles

Tension Fabric Walls come in a variety of styles, including curved and straight options. As the business plans their marketing display, they need to determine which will show the business favourably, and this may vary by event. In addition, walls of this type may be customised with information such as the company name and logo or a completely different image that attracts attention. Furthermore, businesses find there are a variety of materials and fabrics to choose from, thus no two walls will look the same. This is a great way to distinguish a business from others as well.

Options Available To Customers

As each business or organisation comes with specific needs, the walls may be used in conjunction with a number of accessories. For example, a counter display is of great help to those who have promotional materials or marketing items they wish to share with others. Halogen lights highlight the display and multiply the impact of the wall, and other lighting options are supplied to ensure the needs of all are met. These are only some of the many options offered and all should be investigated when creating a wall of this type.

Consider stretch fabric walls when the time comes to upgrade or purchase marketing materials. The walls are very versatile and allow a business to increase their brand visibility in a short period of time. This is true for both small and large businesses alike, as the cost of these displays is very low, especially when compared with many marketing items available today. When a company obtains a wall of this type, they quickly see the benefits and may find they wish to purchase additional walls for different situations. It's a wise investment, regardless of the number of walls chosen, so be sure to look into this marketing tool today. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


What Can Media Walls Be Used For?

Media walls are essentially a marketing tool used at events. They provide the perfect backdrop for press conferences, photo shoots, product launches, conferences, or even trade shows. They can be placed anywhere you want, and will proudly show your business logo and any other information you want to draw attention too. It’s an effective way of reinforcing your brand image and getting people to think about your company!

Are Stretch Fabric Walls Suitable For Outdoor Events?

While our media walls are constructed to be as stable as can be, they don’t work well outdoors. This is just because of the fabric attached to the support structure. If there’s a gust of wind, it catches the banner and can send it flying over. To ensure you don’t damage your media wall, our stance is to keep them indoors.

Can I Use It Outside With Extra Support?

In theory, you could put something heavy on the support feet to keep the banner wall firmly on the ground - some sandbags will work. However, we can’t give a guarantee that this will keep the wall erect, so it’s not recommended.

How Do I Set Up The Media Wall?

People get worried about this, but it honestly couldn’t be any easier. Just remove it from the packaging, and you can erect it with one other person. We have set up instructions on each product page so you can see exactly what to do.

Will You Design The Media Wall For Me?

Of course, if you want us to design the fabric wall, then we’ll happily do it. Provide us with your logo and any necessary instructions, and our team will handle everything else. We offer tailored designs, so they represent your brand, and we won’t produce the final design unless you’re happy with it. However, if you already have a design mocked up in your head - and just need the physical wall to be produced - then we’ll do this for you. Our design service is optional; you can take it or leave it!

Do You Charge More For Designs?

Nope. We don’t see the point in making you pay more if you can’t come up with a design yourself. It’s not fair, so the design service is free of charge.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

We do! There’s a standard 3-year warranty on the banner wall frames, and the printed banners are covered for 1 year. So, any problems within these periods are covered, but with proper care and maintenance, these walls will last for years on end.

What Happens If My Fabric Wall Gets Damaged?

If damages happen under warranty, then we can arrange to help you free of charge. Otherwise, you can pay for replacement parts or fixes by contacting our team right away.

What Parts Come With The Stretch Fabric Walls?

These are probably our most popular stretch wall, and they come with an aluminium stand, fabric material skin, carrying bag, in a complete kit. We also offer additional clip on LED light.

How Do You Attach The Banner To The Stretch Fabric Media Wall Frames?

Erecting the frame is easy, and then you just have to slide your banner over the top of the frame. From here, carefully pull it down until it’s fully in place.

Can I Remove Creases From The Fabric?

Yes, you can get rid of any creases by using a steamer on the fabric. It won’t damage it, and you can keep your stretch wall looking brand new. If you don’t have a steamer or don’t know how to use one, then you can use an iron instead. Just make sure you use an ironing cloth as protection between the iron and the fabric, and that it’s on a low setting.

How Thick Are The Frames?

The aluminium frame for our fabric walls is around 16mm in diameter.

How Heavy Are The Stretch Walls?

When everything is packaged away ready for transport, they come it at between 10-12 kg.

Where Do You Deliver?

We deliver all over Australia, delivery is usually free to any metro area, if additional shipping charges are incurred this will be listed in your quote prior to finalising your order.

How Fast Is Delivery?

This depends on where you are! We offer same-day production on fabric walls, and can ship them to you within 5 days.

How Much Is Delivery?

Request a quote, and you will find out the full price of the product with delivery. Prices vary depending on how soon you need it delivered.

Are There Any Special Discounts?

We might have a few up our sleeve, but you have to contact us to find out!