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Events, expos, and trade shows are some of the best places to impress potential customers. Try popping up a charging station at your expo booth to people passers by top up their phone or tablet batteries or even place a couple of our printed charging stations around the event venue to get your brand name out there and promote new product offerings! Talk to our sales team now for a 100% free quote and a no obligation artwork proof and let us show you what you can achieve with your brand!

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Help people out at events and trade shows

Events, expos, and trade shows are some of the best places to impress potential customers. Place one of our LED charging stations around your showroom and the show to get your brand name out there and promote new product offerings! These are a brilliant way to get people’s attention in large crowds.

These charging stations are great because people’s phones are bound to get low on battery during these events, which means they will have to move toward a charging station. The charging station will be branded with your company’s logo and messaging to make it next to impossible for the user to miss you. All branded charging stations are customizable and can be branded with company logos, details, and contact information. They are all backlit which makes them very bright and hard to miss.

Why is a custom charging station great for advertising?

  • Hard to miss: These displays are quite large advertisements. With them there will be more than enough space for branding, advertising, or a combination of the two. The display can be customized in many different ways such as: shape, color, and structure. And, due to the backlit display, they are highly visible and very bright so your customers can see them clearly...making them hard to miss.
  • Practical and helpful: These are, first and foremost, charging stations, and they have been designed specifically to be practical options for people to be able to charge their phones or tablets when the necessity arrives. It would be important to consider more convenient solutions such as integrated cables for different phone brands (iPhone, Android…). It is very common for people to not have their cable with them or have a difficult time finding one that fits their phone socket.
  • Brand visibility: These displays are more than just charging stations, they are full-on advertising areas. They give you the ability to introduce your brand, promote your product, and even launch promotional events. People using these stations while waiting for their batteries to charge will stand there and look around, which means they will spend a lot of time looking at your charging station display.
  • Increase your sales: With branded charging stations, you can increase sales, attract more customers, and keep guests longer. All of our various charging stations offer a high capacity dock with multiple charging ports that enable simultaneous multi-device charging for all phone types. With your logo or promotion shining brightly, potential customers are bound to see your name, which could spark up conversation and lead to more sales!