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Custom shaped promotional inflatables in a myriad of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. We custom produce just about anything you can think of from hamburgers to guide dogs. Whatever you can think up we'll provide fast, ultra high quality while maintaining very affordable prices. Tell us your requirements and our team will begin drafting a free prototype design for your approval prior to spending a single cent with us.

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Custom Shaped Inflatables

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Custom shaped inflatables to promote your business

Promoting your business and advertising your products or services is a tricky task, and far too many businesses fail to get creative with it. If you’re attending events, show or simply want to do something different in your permanent location, you should think about making use of our extensive range of inflatable shapes. We can make just about anything you need, so you can use the inflatable that’s specific to your business. Rather than a dull off the shelf option, come to us and find something unique and appealing.

We’ve helped plenty of businesses create custom inflatables already, and there’s no reason why we can’t help you too. They can have a big impact because of their size and scale. People will notice them right away, focusing attention on your brand rather than anything else that might be going on. That’s a big deal at events and shows when you’re competing with other brands. FInd out more about what we can do for you below.

Huge Inflatable Replicas of Your Products

One great idea is to create replicas of your products. This is a nice idea because it immediately shows everyone what your business is about and what you’re doing. If they can see that you have a huge inflatable kettle, for example, they’re going to know that your business probably sells kitchen appliances. It’s fun and it serves a real purpose for your business, so what’s not to like about this idea? It could make your business really stand out when you’re trying to beat the competition.

Mascots and Staff Members

Another way of approaching this is to have your business’s mascot turned into a giant inflatable. If you want to make this mascot a core part of what you do and you want to make it more recognisable, this is the best way of making it happen. Plenty of people will see it and come to associate it with your business. Having inflatable staff members wearing the uniform of your business is another fun idea that can help your business to stand out too, so give this idea some thought.

Useful Props

If you’re creating some kind of fun event and you’re interacting with the public, having some sort of inflatable prop that you can use while doing that is definitely a good idea. What it is should depend on what you want to achieve, what you’re doing and what kind of business you rin. But you can get creative with it and have some fun. Some companies like to put on a show and make people laugh. If you’re a family brand, this is something that can definitely work really well.

Just About Any Shape You Want

We can make just about any shape that you might want to create. It’s what we do best and we have a team of experts working for us who know how to create inflatables that always look the part. So don’t assume that your idea is too much for us to take on because it probably isn’t. We’ve made all kinds of shapes and designs in the past, and yours could be next. We enjoy talking to new clients and creating new inflatable shapes that we’ve never made before, so we will always relish the challenge you present us with.

Billboards and Logos

Another good idea is to have a huge inflatable version of your logo made. When you do this, you will make it easier for people to spot your company and obvious brand awareness will be given a significant boost. We can also make custom billboards and all sorts of things like that. They’ll fill the sky and draw attention to your business, which is exactly what most brands and business owners want. You’ll be the one in control of how these billboards look, and we’ll offer a very accurate representation of the company logo too.

Get in Touch Today

You shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you are interested in having your own custom inflatable shape made for your business. We can help you create whatever you’ve got in mind and our expert team will make it easy for you by going through every stage of the process with you. It will all be worth it when you have a custom inflatable shape to make use of every time you attend shows and events. People will love it and it’ll be an ideal talking point, so get in touch today via the contact details provided.