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Be seen, be bold and go big with our eye-catching range of feather and teardrop flags at affordable prices. Grab your target audience attention with these high visibility flags. Let our design team create you a unique visual message, to capture and draw in potential new customers for your business. They are light-weight and portable enough to be transported with ease and extremely popular with sports and activity brand advertising for both in or outdoor use. They are great in terms of visibility and catching people’s attention offering a large graphic area for you to dazzle your customers and get your message across in style.

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Customers love our products and service

The great news is that all banners are equally likely to attract the attention of your target audience. Whether you’re at a huge event or expo, or whether you’re wanting to advertise your product or service, even if you’re just going to a celebrity event and you want to get your banner printed, read on!

A banner is like a great big splash advertisement for you! Think back to the last time you were at a crowded exhibition – What was the things that mainly stood out from the crowd and caught your attention? Yep, banners that towered high above the heads and shoulders of the crowds. With our banners, you too can tower head and shoulders above your competitors.

Custom Banners Australia and Event Banner Printing

Of course, we do ardall kinds of custom banners. In fact, custom banners are some of our most popular products that are chosen – Whatever image in whatever size, we are able to accommodate and meet your needs. Just take a look at all the types of formats, sizes and shapes we have, and contact us and one of our friendly customer relations officers will be sure to take care of your every need.

Our banners work well for anything at all, whether you want marketing banners, event banners, teardrop banners or even banners to be placed on your car! We always feel happy when we go to an event, and all the event banners are produced by us – It makes us feel really good that our clients see the value in our products. In a sense, I guess we would say, the testimonial of our clients using our banners, serves as our very own marketing banners.

As mentioned, we do produce a huge variety of banners – Some of the more unorthodox banners that may seem a little more unusual to people may be items such as exterior car sun shades, poled street flags (this format is even used by the government and political parties), and eyelet street flags.

Now we don’t have the official statistics on this, but we think we may be one of the leaders in the Australian market. It’s come to the point where we even consider ourselves to have the best banners Australia have to offer.

But at the end of the day, this really is our work ethos and work slogan. We do put in the best work, to ensure that your banners are produced quickly, and exactly to your specification, combining both hard work and prompt communication with clients to ensure their needs are met, and the very best that technology has to offer to ensure our banner are made with the longest lasting and most durable material and inks, all to make sure that you, our client, gets the best banner.

After all, if we do a good job, then, you are our banner.

So Stand out from the crowd at your next event or expo. With up to 27% bulk discount we are offering our lowest ever feather & teardrop banners, event banners & expo signage prices. Delivery Australia wide & rush service available there is no better time to promote yourself!


What Can Banners & Flags Be Used For?

Our custom flags & banners have multiple uses. Whether you’re a business customer keen to promote their company, or you just want them for home-use; the opportunities are endless. They’re perfect for sporting events, business trade shows, and everything in between.

Can They Be Used Indoors/Outdoors?

Yes, these flags and banners can be used both indoors and outdoors. As such, you can get even more use out of them!

What Are Your Banners Made Out Of?

The fabric part of our banners is made from Oxford polyester. We use this material as it’s incredibly durable, is harder to pierce, and resists weather very effectively. In essence, it’s perfect for prolonged use outdoors.

Do You Only Offer Rectangle-Shaped Banners?

No! You can choose the shape of our banners & flags depending on your needs. Just inform us when you’re placing an order, and we’ll cut everything to size for you.

Will The Sun Make My Flag Fade?

Don’t worry about this, we use UV resisting inks when printing all banners & flags. This means that the sun won’t damage them as harshly as it should. However, they’re not 100% UV-proof so there will be slight signs of fading - but only after years of use in direct sunlight.

Can I See My Design On The Back Of A Single-Sided Flag?

You can, but that’s just because the design from the front will bleed through slightly. It’s not printed on the back side, so expect to see a slightly lighter look. But, it’s still very clear, there’s just a slight difference to the front. If you want the exact same crispness on both sides, then we recommend our double-sided flags instead.

Do I Have To Keep The Same Image On Both Sides?

If you choose a double-sided flag, you can pick any two images for either side. It won’t cost anything extra, so it’s entirely up to you.

Does My Design Cover The Entire Banner/Flag?

Absolutely, we will fill the entire product with your design, and it gets scaled appropriately, so it’s crisp and clear.

How Well Do The Flags Fly?

This depends on whether or not you have a single/double-sided flag. With the single ones, they fly really well in areas without much wind. Their lightness lets them flow beautifully and create the perfect flag effect. Double-sided ones are much thicker than single flags because they contain more materials. There’s each side, plus a layer in between to stop the images bleeding through. As such, you need more wind to really get them going.

How Long Do Custom Banners & Flags Last?

If you take good care of your product, then it can last well over a couple of years. But, if you continuously use them outside in very windy conditions, then expect to see the lifespan deteriorate slightly.

How Is My Design Printed?

We use the most updated and current forms of digital printing to bring your designs to our banners & flags. By doing this, we can be as accurate as possible and provide the absolute clearest print.

Are Your Banners & Flags Fire Resistant?

No, your flag can - and will - catch fire if it comes into contact with it. However, they are heat resistant so any hot things that touch them won’t cause any damages.

Can I Iron My Banners/Flags?

Yep, just make sure the heat setting is turned down low. While they are heat resistant, it’s best to be cautious when ironing the product.

Can I Put It In The Washing Machine?

Absolutely, and we recommend to wash your banner/flag regularly to prolong its lifespan. Put it on a cold water wash on the lightest spin cycle.

What Base Would You Recommend?

It depends on the surface; ground spikes are perfect for grassy areas, but cross bases are way better on hard ground. Provide us with more details when ordering and we’ll find the best base for you.

What’s Better; Single or Two-Sided Print?

It’s more a question of how windy is it where you’re based? Single printed banners don’t work well in high-wind areas, and the same goes for double-sided ones in low-wind areas.

What Do I Get In A Kit?

Our standard kits will give you a carry bag, bases, and poles - along with your printed flag and any extras. Sometimes, you can have additional things, but this will be stated on your order.

How Much Is Delivery?

It can vary based on how far the product has to travel. But, we try and get them to you within 5 days if you’re desperate. You’ll get a quote for delivery when you place your order, and you can always contact us if you’d like a more express service.

Do You Deliver Throughout Australia?

You’ll be happy to know that we deliver our banners & flags all the way throughout Australia. To make things even better, we don’t charge extra delivery fees for customers in far away locations!

Do You Have Any Discounts?

Who knows? Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Get in touch with us today, and you just might find an active discount waiting for you!