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Our high-quality custom floor mats allow you to select the size, colour and include your own logo or design. They are brilliant for conveying a strong first message the minute prospects walk through the door. Or if you are holding a trade show booth why not stay away from the boring floor of the exhibition centre and have your key message displayed on a branded floor mat. All of our mats are manufactured using premium materials with heavy duty rubber backing for a long lasting, durable, non-slip backing that lasts for years of daily use.

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Printed Floor Mats

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Fully Customised Floor Mats for Your Showroom

Your showroom needs to grab the attention of your customers as soon as they enter. They need to feel welcome. You may even want to add a message they can see when they walk into your showroom. To do this, make sure you check out our fully customised floor mats. You’ll be able to easily create a mat that’s perfect for your showroom.

Set the Stage for an Amazing Event

If you’re hosting an event or promoting a new product or sale in your showroom, our mats are going to be perfect. They’re fully customizable and durable to ensure they’re going to look great and really grab the attention of anyone who walks over them. You’ll want to check out all of our options today to find what you need.

High-Quality and Durable Mats in Full Color

All of our mats are made from high-quality materials to ensure they’re as durable as possible. They can include a message, your logo, or any full-color print you want. They’re perfect for just about any business or event and can be a simple welcome mat or as elaborate as you might need.

Customise the Mats to Meet Your Needs

Our mats are fully customizable to ensure you can find what you need. We offer numerous options for standard sizes as well as the ability to customise the size of your mat. They’re printed in full-color CMYK digital print and include the image you want on them. If you’re just looking for a basic welcome mat, you can choose any color you want for the mat’s background. If you’re looking for something more intricate, we have what you need.

Event Carpets

Our event carpets are the perfect option for any event or showroom. You can choose any size, starting with two square meters. With a free design service to help you finalise the details and fast shipping, you can design and customise your own event carpet and have it delivered as quickly as possible.

Logo Runners

If you’d like to really grab the attention of your customers, check out our logo runners. The width and length are customizable to ensure you have the perfect size for your space. Choose something as simple as a red carpet with your logo on it or go for a more intricate design to lead customers into your showroom.

More Options

We offer a number of different options as well. Take the time to check out all of the mats and carpets we offer to make sure you can find exactly what you need. From logo runners to floor stickers, we’re going to make sure you can have the completely custom printed floor mat you need for any showroom or event.

You want your showroom to look fantastic anytime a customer enters, so take the time to check out our custom printed floor mats today. We offer fully customised mats in a variety of different options to ensure you can get the mat you need right away. Contact us today with any questions or to get help choosing the right mat for your showroom.