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There is no denying that a backlit display item is superior to a standard posted or a hanging photograph. Our lightbox display items are brilliant for shop fronts, showrooms and display booths at trade shows and exhibitions. All of our lightboxes are made form premium materials and designed to withstand long term use by your business. Ask our team for information on pricing, dimensions and turnaround times using our quick quote form!

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A Premium Range Of Backlit Light Box Displays

There is no denying that light boxes are invaluable when it comes to marketing and advertising strategies for any business. You want to make sure that your text and graphics stand out from the crowd, and to achieve that goal you’ll need to use the best light box display products that are on the market.

To that end, it makes sense to equip your marketing and advertising campaigns with the premium range of backlit light box displays from Event Display. We have a broad range of products to suit all needs, and what’s more, they are competitively priced too.

Why you should use the best backlit light box displays

It doesn’t matter whether you are putting up flyers for an event or advertising your products and services at a trade show. What does matter is that you grab the attention of people walking past your premises or show stand. You will no doubt have created some eye-catching artwork that is sure to draw in the crowds and get your brand noticed. But, how can you make that artwork be seen from afar?

The solution to that conundrum is to use backlit light box displays. The thing is, with so many different options available to businesses, why should you only stick with the best?

For a start, premium backlit light box displays are better made and so will last considerably more than poorly-built examples. There’s also the size and style of the displays to consider. Ones at the budget end of the market will be quite limited in terms of design choices, whereas you can have virtually any style options with premium products.

Indoor and outdoor options available

At Event Display, we offer a selection of premium indoor and outdoor backlit light box displays for all your needs. Indoor ones are suitable for shop and restaurant windows, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, and department stores.

If you need to promote your brand outdoors, we’ve got a vast choice of options available for such purposes. For example, we offer hinged waterproof LED light box displays that provide IP45 water ingress protection that are built with LM80 LEDs, giving you superior lighting with an average 50,000-hour lifespan.

Freestanding or hanging: the choice is yours

As part of the range of premium light box displays here at Event Display, we are pleased to offer both freestanding and hanging options to our customers. When it comes to marketing your brand or its products and services, it’s essential to have the right light boxes for your needs.

With that in mind, our comprehensive range of premium light box displays includes both freestanding and hanging options to best meet your requirements.

Why choose Event Display?

Event Display is one of Australia’s leading providers of marketing and promotional items and accessories. We are an established business with thousands of satisfied customers, and we only offer products such as premium light boxes that best meet all individual needs.

At Event Display, we offer a range of light box displays that are premium quality yet competitively priced and are also customisable too.