Custom Graphic Tension & Stretch Displays For Events

When you need a fast, pop up advertising solution. Our stretch displays are the ultimate solution to get you seen. Maximum exposure with minimal effort for your staff able to set these items up in just minutes. All of our tension fabric products are affordable and come completely branded with your choice of colours, graphics, photographic images and logos.


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  1. Branded Hand Sanitiser Station
    Branded Hand Sanitiser Station
    5-7 Days
  2. Straight Media Walls (All Sizes)
    Straight Media Walls (All Sizes)
    3 Days
  3. Stretch Expo Banners (All Sizes)
    Stretch Expo Banners (All Sizes)
    5 Days
  4. Wave Walls (All Sizes)
    Wave Walls (All Sizes)
    7 Days
  5. Tension Fabric Shopping Centre Package
    Tension Fabric Shopping Centre Package
    10 Days*
  6. Trade Show Package Deal
    Trade Show Package Deal
    14 Days
  7. Media Table Display Stand
    Media Table Display Stand
    10 working days
  8. Snake Monitor Display Stand with Graphic
    Snake Monitor Display Stand with Graphic
    10 Working Days
  9. Convertible Private Enclosure Display 02
    Convertible Private Enclosure Display 02
    10 Working Days
  10. Custom Arch Banner Stand
    Custom Arch Banner Stand
    10 Working Days
  11. Custom Arch Display Stand
    Custom Arch Display Stand
    10 Working Days
  12. Custom Arch Stand Display
    Custom Arch Stand Display
    10 Working Days
  13. Custom CUBE Arch Stand
    Custom CUBE Arch Stand
    10 Working Days
  14. Custom CUBE Arch Stand with Header
    Custom CUBE Arch Stand with Header
    10 Working Days
  15. Custom Hex Tower Display
    Custom Hex Tower Display
    10 Working Days
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Tension fabric displays are gaining popularity fast

Visit a trade show or business event and the odds of seeing a number of Tension fabric displays are high. With the help of this high-class display product, companies find they are easily able to boost their brand appeal and recognition with those attending the event. Business owners, however, often want to know their options before deciding on this type of display, as well as the benefits associated with these products. Following is an overview of what is currently available and why these items are so popular with a wide range of organisations.

Ease Of Use

Event displays are typically purchased to be used multiple times, thus they must be lightweight and portable. Companies find they are able to save money by purchasing this type of display, as they don't have to ship a bulky display to each new event. The tension fabric display folds down to only a fraction of the full size, making it easy to transport, and graphics can be switched out as needed, allowing a company to get the most for their marketing dollars. A marketing display is only of benefit when it is used to full advantage, and this type of display helps to ensure it is.


One reason many companies opt to go with this type of unit is the versatility of this display option. The texture and opacity of the display can be changed, depending on the event at which it is to be used. Backlighting products allow the display to be illuminated, and companies find they brand appears to truly stand out in the crowd, allowing them to maximize their marketing dollars with little effort on their part.


Standing out in a crowd requires innovation on the part of a company. Although a business can succeed in selling the products and services of others, most find to truly flourish they must offer a brand new product or service that fulfills the needs of a customer. The problem is that what works for one demographic may not be suitable for another. Thanks to this style of displays, companies find they are able to promote numerous products using one display. All they must do is change the promotional materials based on the audience being addressed. This system allows for more customisation than most display products offered today.

Options Available

Stretch Fabric Banners are only one option available to businesses when choosing a tension fabric display. Other choices currently available include stretch zip tablecloths, stretch fit iPad tablet stands, straight pop up displays and complete stretch expo displays. Feather banners are an option, along with a stretch TV tablet combo. Curve fabric walls are another solution that businesses may wish to consider, and different sizes are offered to meet the needs of all. Companies need to consider their objectives when determining which option is best for an event and try to find a product that can be used in a variety of locations. With so many different types to choose from, doing so shouldn't be difficult.

The one common thread in all of these displays is the fabric that is used to hold the graphics. Most make use of a dye sublimated stretch fabric, as this type of fabric holds up with time and allows for the use of vibrant colours. Companies love the ease of caring for the fabric, as it resists wrinkles and can easily be wiped down.

Uses For Tension Fabric Displays

Don't assume the displays are only suitable for business events and trade shows. Use this type of display as a media backdrop or divide a room into various sections by setting up a few of these displays with graphics that help to direct visitors to where they need to go. This is a great way to reinforce brand awareness without erecting more permanent walls that tend to be costly.

Get the message out to the target audience with the help of a wall of this type, which is great for when information needs to be passed on to customers entering a retail location. For example, businesses may promote a special with a display of this type and put the display away when the special has ended. It will be ready for the next time a similar promotion is ongoing. These are only a few of the many ways the Tension fabric displays may be used, and companies are sure to find numerous others.

Be sure to check these products out when the time comes to purchase a new display for a business event or trade show. Once companies see how useful they are, many won't go back to using anything else. The low price of these items is just an added bonus.


What’s the purpose of a stretch fabric display?

Our stretch fabric displays serve one primary purpose; get your business seen. They provide you with maximum exposure at business events, but with minimal effort. In just a couple of minutes, you can erect a stretch fabric display with your logo and images emblazoned on it. It’ll draw heads, making it the ideal marketing tool at trade shows, conferences, or any other business events.

Can stretch fabric displays be used outdoors?

Most of the time, business events are held indoors. However many companies attend outdoor events and need a good marketing display. Our stretch fabric displays can be used outside, while they are geared more toward indoor events. If anchored correctly there is no reason why you can't use these media walls outside on calmer days.

Do you design the displays?

Yes indeed, we do offer a design service, but you’re more than welcome to come to us with your own designs.

Will you charge extra for the design service?

Our design service is 100% free - there are no extra charges at all. If you’re struggling to create a design, then give us a few vital pieces of information, and we’ll create one for you. As soon as you approve the final design, we’ll print it on the stretch fabric display.

What happens if I need a new display graphic?

The beauty of these displays is that they’re interchangeable once you have the frame. Just order a new fabric layer with a different graphic, and we’ll ship it out to you within a a couple of days of your design approval.

Are there any colour restrictions when printing?

Nope, none at all. We can print your stretch fabric display in CMYK digital print. This means you can choose any number of colours, shades, and even full images and logos. Everything is entirely up to you!

How big are your displays?

They vary in size depending on how large you need your display. We have ones that are 6m wide, ones that are 2.5m wide, and ones that are much smaller or taller. In essence, it depends on the size of your trade show booth or event space. Tell us how much room you have to work with, and we’ll find the perfect product for you.

How long is the average set up time?

You’ll find instructions on our website - and you get a printed set with your order - which will show you exactly what to do. With two people, you can get it up and running in around five to ten minutes.

What is a stretch pop up banner?

These tend to be the smallest and most compact of our stretch fabric displays. The aim is that they can easily be folded away - with the stand - into a carry bag. Then, you take everything out and pop it up. We like to think of the stretch pop up banner as the successor to the traditional retractable pull up banner.

Are stretch fabric displays the same as tension stands or stretch stands?

You’ll find that different companies call the same type of product different names. We’ve seen them advertised as tube displays, tension pop-ups, and so on. But, all of these names are the same as stretch fabric displays. They just refer to a display with a fabric that’s stretchable and can be used at business events and expos.

What happens if my fabric display arrives with wrinkles?

We know how much of a pain this can be, but it’s often hard to prevent wrinkles during shipping. Don’t worry, you can quickly get rid of them using a standard fabric steamer. Or, use an iron on a low heat with an ironing cloth for added protection. You will find that once the material skin is stretched over the tube frame for a period of time creases start to disappear without the need for ironing anyway.

Are these displays washable?

Of course, you can wash the interchangeable fabric skin to remove any dirt or grime. We don’t advise you machine wash them - just use your hands and cold water.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is usually free to one metro area, If there is a delivery cost due to a rural area or multiple delivery locations within your order then these costs will be provided if you request a quote or submit an order. We don’t have a specific price as it depends on how quickly you want the order to reach you. Certain express services may cost more but this will be fully itemised prior to your final order sign off.

How fast is delivery?

Usually we can have your items to you within 5-7 days we do offer same-day production where we design and print your stretch fabric display and ship it out to you on the day of order approval. It should be with you in around 4-5 days if you choose our ultra rush service.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver everywhere in Australia!

Can you give us a special discount?

We do have discounts throughout the year, but you have to get in touch with us to find out if there’s currently a special running or if we are able to offer any seasonal discounts. We also offer a price match guarantee so if you find a lower price on an identical item we will match it and still offer our excellent service and free artwork design.