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Custom Printed Table Cloths & Event Table Covers

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Our Printed tablecloths are superior and you won't be disappointed with the vibrant print colours and quality finishing on our range of promotional event table cloths. With a rush service in 5 days and the lowest pricing in Australia we seriously won't be beaten on our range of premium expo table cloths. If you know your table size then we recommend our stretch fitted table cloths because of their smooth trim and taut finish. Or if you intend on sharing the cloth between multiple organisation departments then the throw cloth is perfectly suited to any size trestle table or desktop. Comine any of our 3 styles below with a teardrop banner for a stand out, affordable event display and don't forget to check out our range of marquees and banners which perfectly compliment these items.

3 things to know about our table throws

What is the maximum number of print colours? Unlimited! honestly, all of our branded tablecloth products are printed in full colour CMYK process. The premium oxford polyester fabric lends itself very well to dye sublimation which is how we can produce such vibrant designs.

What style is best for me? It does depend on your circumstance, if your traveling from show to show and the function center is providing your table and booth area, then a throw table cloth is excellent. However if you already have a trestle table and know the dimensions then we highly recommend our stretch tablecloth option.

What is a standard size? A standard size cloth will cover a 6ft trestle table from most hardware and camping stores. We also have an 8ft standard option which is good for larger displays.

Advertise Big with Printed Table Cloths

When a business is preparing for any type of event, it's important to have a way to stand out and to show off what they offer to potential customers. Every little detail needs to be taken into account so their booth is easy to look through and informative for the customer. It's also important to have the business's brand or symbol in as many places as possible so it catches the person's interest and remains in their mind. However, it's important to do this as unobtrusively as possible as the business doesn't want it to be overwhelming.

Heavy exposure with a light price tag

One way a business can ensure their name is on everyones mind is by using banners, signs and printed tablecloths at a trade event. You can order as many as you need to cover all of the tables in your expo booth and have them perfectly matched to your corporate branding. Companies can choose any colour they like and have their own brand, name or symbol printed as large as possible over the entire item. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are 100% happy with the design prior to production.

Once you have the custom table cloths, they'll be able to use them to showcase their products. A white or black Event Tablecloth is perfect for displaying products or brochures with more information about the business as long as the products and information stand out and can be easily seen. A Trade show tablecloth can even be hung in the back of the booth to showcase the brand and what they're offering. It's important to keep in mind the impact it's going to have when it's placed in the booth and to display it where the brand or symbol can easily be seen by the customers.

For a little extra something at your next event, consider a Branded table cloth. You'll be able to showcase the business's brand or symbol to grab the attention of your customers. It's also a great way to cover boring or ugly tables and use them to display your products alongside your brand so a customer will remember it. It's important to stand out at trade shows and events, and having customised tablecloths can help a business do exactly that. Take a look at what is available today to start designing one that's going to look perfect at your next business event.