Our All New Range Of Stretch Fabric Columns

These fabulous branded pillars are customised with your branding and will stand tall at any event. These custom printed columns are manufactured with a lightweight, portable aluminium tube frame which is then fitted with an interchangeable fabric skin. You can order multiple skins and change them out for events and special promotions or seasonal sales. They are also great if you don't have a fixed trade show stall they can be dotted around a convention centre by major sponsors of the event if a fixed location or main point of interest isn't possible.

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Stretch Display Columns

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Stretch Fabric podiums, Custom Printed With Your Branding

When you are setting up for your very first event, you do everything that you can to make your stand look inviting and unique. The key to a unique tradeshow stand? Stretch display pillars. Printed event columns can create a focal point for your company and your brand, and when it comes to advertising, it’s certainly better than printing a few posters and tacking them to a table. If you are hiring a full trade show stall area then perhaps combine with our stretch fabric archways, or a media wall for some added branding real estate.

These stretch display pillars can stand tall, with sizes ranging between 2.4m and 3.6m, in either a square or a cylinder shape – it all depends on you for that one! The best bit? The columns are multi-sided, which means that no matter where guests are in the exhibition, they’ll be able to spot you from far away. Why not stay in everyone’s eyeline if you can? It puts you head and shoulders above the rest.

Something Different

Printed event columns give a regular tradeshow stand a little something more. You can choose to frame your spot with stretch fabric columns, or you could choose to use these pillars to entice people through a walkway to your table. At the end of the walkway, there’s a ton of branded information, free chocolates and swag bags to choose from – what a way to get people to remember you! The message that you want your brand to show the world is far easier to convey from a height, so stand tall; this is your moment.

Easy Peasy!

Setting up for a trade show can be stressful, so why would you want to add to that stress by spending hours decorating your stall? Instead, checking out the stretch fabric column can give you peace of mind that it’s going to be super easy to set up. The inside aluminium tube structure is weighty, but not too heavy that you can’t transport it easily to the event. Each column is easily collapsible, and you can use the carrier that comes with it to get it around and pack it away neatly until your next event.

Shed the Skin

The whole idea of your tradeshow efforts is to show off your brand and let people know that whatever ‘it’ is, your company has it in spades. With these printed event columns, you can be as bold and as bright as you like. Showcase your company name, dazzle the people with deep colours and vibrant choices. The frame itself is something to keep and you can change out the skin for your next event, so it’s cost-effective and friendly on your budget. This isn’t something you can just buy; it’s all about custom making the right column for you and making sure that you have the most precise service every time.

Standing tall and showing the world what you’ve got doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. It does, however, have to capture the attention of everyone around you. Why hesitate?