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Dazzle your potential customers at events, expos and trade shows. Or place one of our LED signs in your company showroom to draw people to a special offer or new product offering! These LED signs are brilliant for getting people's attention. Most of our digital displays feature interchangeable media - meaning they can be re-purposed for multiple events, different special offers and seasonal promotions. All come with warranty and satisfaction guarantee! Enquire now for pricing on any of our digital display products.


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  1. 49
    49" Digital Display Stand
    24 Hours
  2. 43″ A-Frame Digital Display Screen
    43″ A-Frame Digital Display Screen
    24 Hours*
  3. 43″ Hanging LCD Digital Display
    43″ Hanging LCD Digital Display
    24 Hours*
  4. 43″/49″/55″ Wall-mounted LCD Menu Board
    43″/49″/55″ Wall-mounted LCD Menu Board
    10-14 Days
  5. Poster Wired & Wireless Charging Station
    Poster Wired & Wireless Charging Station
    10-14 Days
  6. Custom Neon Signs
    Custom Neon Signs
    7-10 Days
  7. LCD Wired & Wireless Charging Station
    LCD Wired & Wireless Charging Station
    10-14 Days
  8. LED Cube Display
    LED Cube Display
    10 Days
  9. LCD Charging Station
    LCD Charging Station
    10-14 Days
  10. SEG Poster Wired & Wireless Charging Station
    SEG Poster Wired & Wireless Charging Station
    10-14 Days
  11. 32” Digital L-Frame Signage
    32” Digital L-Frame Signage
    10-14 Days
  12. LGP LED Light Pad Module
    LGP LED Light Pad Module
    10-14 Days
  13. 43″/55″ UHD 4K LCD Signage
    43″/55″ UHD 4K LCD Signage
    10-14 Days
  14. Back-lit ARC LED Light Box
    Back-lit ARC LED Light Box
    10-14 Days
  15. Dynamic LED Light Box
    Dynamic LED Light Box
    10-14 Days
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Items 1-15 of 43

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LED signs gain attention quickly and effectively.

According to recent studies, consumers now have an average attention span of eight seconds. This, and a growing need to stand out, means that subtle posters and advertising are no longer enough. Instead, catching consumer attention in that eight-second time-span relies entirely on your ability to dazzle with your marketing efforts. And, our LED signs and displays are the ideal way to make that happen.

As one of Australia’s leading providers of promotional items, we at Event Display are well aware of what it takes to catch people’s eyes, and our LED signs allow us to apply that mindset to a range of applications.

Whether you’re planning an event or simply want to add sparkle to your showroom, you could enjoy a range of benefits with an LED installation, including -

  • Branding that’s guaranteed to stand out.
  • Cost-effective with lasting impact.
  • Versatility to change offers from season to season.
  • An eco-friendly approach (replace flyers and printed media with an interactive solution).
  • Improved look and feel for your event booth or in-store display.

From design to installation, our LED displays have the power to take your business up a gear in an age where appearances matter more than ever. All you need to do is start browsing our collections or talk with us about your needs today.

The LED displays you should consider

As with any marketing method, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for LED displays with pulling power. In reality, there is a range of options on the market, and considering each is the best chance you have of arriving at the right solution for you.

Outdoor LED signs

We offer a wide range of signs for outdoor use, including -

  • Wired and wireless posters.
  • Advertising stands.
  • Waterproof lightboxes.
  • Enclosed poster frames.

Ideal for outdoor shop displays, event stands and more, outdoor signs like these are incredibly popular across business applications right now. They certainly provide an eye-catching way to let the world know about your brand, or whatever it is that you’re offering.

Indoor LED displays

While outdoor LEDs are fantastic for catching consumer attention, indoor displays can prove beneficial for keeping that interest within stores, events, and beyond. Our video walls, digital a-frame signs, slide screens, etc. can all add fantastic, interactive interest within a modern business environment.

These could prove fundamental for displaying company information, appealing to modern audiences and, ultimately, standing out as a front-facing competitor in today's tech-led market.

Programmable screens and LED panels

Whether you’re seeking outdoor or indoor LED displays, programmable options like our lightboxes also bring a great many benefits. After all, the ability to display scrolling information that changes over time is the key benefit of LEDs over static marketing options.

Things like scrolling message boards are about as good as it gets for displaying as much information as possible with this one marketing technique. And, with our focus on customisation across the LED board, we can make it possible with almost all of our LED applications.

Applying LED design to a business setting

While retail and sales might apply the most often LED use cases, designs like these are actually beneficial and used within a wide range of business settings right now. In fact, previous clients within the LED industry include -

  • Hospitality.
  • Office settings.
  • Health care.
  • Education.
  • Industrial.
  • Finance.
  • Airports.
  • Entertainment.

And, that list could go on. You name your industry, and the chances are that eye-catching, information-packed LED displays could help you in significant ways. That’s the case whether you’re hoping to display information to consumers, patients, or even your own staff.

Customised LEDs designed especially for your purposes can serve from an educational or entertainment perspective, especially if you browse our collections to find the ideal signage solutions for your unique needs.

How do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’?

Of course, finding ‘the’ ideal LED application for you is easier said than done when you’re new to this advertising option. The wide range of selections on offer could even leave you feeling altogether overwhelmed or uncertain of where you should go.

Luckily, the Event Display team brings expansive knowledge to each LED request, meaning that they can work closely with you during the design stage to help you realise the possibilities you face.

Some key indicators that should help you towards the ideal LED for your needs include

  • Viewing distance.
  • Traffic pattern.
  • Unique usage.

Each of these things will help you to settle on everything from the media you need to display, to the size and pixels at which you should display it. And, that should go a long way towards helping you to narrow down the LED field. After that, considerations including budgeting, urgency, and so on, should all get a look in.

Event Display for LED designs you can trust

Here at Event Display, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of LED signs and solutions for use during business events and beyond. What’s more, we offer all these options with customer service forever at the forefront. In other words; we won’t stop until we help you to settle on the LED solutions you’ve been searching for.

From the moment you contact us regarding your LED needs, we offer a wide range of customer-led benefits, including -

Free design services
Once you’ve told us what you’re after, we’ll get to work bringing that LED screen to life, 100% free of charge

Ultra-vibrant print
Strong colours are fundamental to successful LED signs, and that’s something we promise as standard with ultra-vibrant, full-colour lock inks at all times

Rush service: 10-14 days
If you need your LED signs with speed, we also offer an optional rush service which can see customised screens and more at your door within just 10-14 days. Last-minute events or sudden branding turnarounds never need be an issue again with such a speedy focus!

For these benefits and more, don’t hesitate to contact the Event Display team today on 02 6555 5030. Before you know it, one of our LED signs could light up your business like never before!