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Vibrant full-colour printing, structural framework that is ultra lightweight and portable for carrying to and from your event. Our new stretch fabric archways are perfect for sectioning off your expo booth while promoting your product or services. Don't settle for bland or boring partition walls at your next big trade show. All of our stretch archways come with a structural warranty on the framework the material outer skin can be interchanged for different events or promotions. Enquire now for a 100% no obligation quote and virtual mockup.

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Stretch Fabric Archways

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Stretch Material Arches For Trade Show Dominance!

When you go to a tradeshow, what is it that hooks you in? Is it the stands with the free food samples? The swag bags from the stands trying to entice the visitor to come to them simply for the freebies? Or is it the boldest, most unique stand in the show? People are visual in what they are attracted by, and when you are trying to promote your brand at a tradeshow, you want to stand out as much as possible. You may have fought hard and paid for the best location for your stand at a tradeshow this year, which means that you’ll know that a bright, bold and beautiful exhibit is what catches the eye of those who come in. Enter the fabric printed archway.

Changing the Game

A stretch fabric archway is changing the face of tradeshows for the savvy companies who pay attention to what people like. People want to see edgy, different, unique. You can have thirty companies with the same boring box-shape stands, but then you’ll see one with a stretch fabric printed archway with their company logo adorned across the material. You don’t have to make the entire stand sit under a stretch fabric archway, either, you could just choose to make an entrance with yours.

Set Up with Ease

There’s unique, and then there are printed archways with integrated monitor mounts that display information about your company. The graphics on each tradeshow archway can be changeable for when it’s time to start up a new event, and you get some seriously stunning results in terms of the vibrancy of the colours upon printing. Set up is easy, as the stretch archway is pillowcases style stretch fabric, with collapsible curved tube frames to get you going quickly on arrival. Each of the printed archways comes with a carry case for easy transport. It literally doesn’t get any easier to set up for your event and knock the socks off everyone who visits your stand!

Something Custom this Way Comes!

The beauty of tradeshow archways is that they’re not something you can just click and buy online. They’re an item that is custom printed with specific company branding and wording, and you can work closely with the designer to ensure that you get exactly what you want. These archways surround your guests in your brand, which is precisely the exposure that you want for your company at a show. Being able to customise your printed archway gives you a chance to get a little creative with colours that are catchy, as well as your logo being blown up to epic proportions. You’re going to get noticed – which is what you want!

People walk into tradeshows and expect to be dazzled, so why not check out printed archways and make your stand at the exhibition this year?