Stretch & Tension Banner Stands With Your Graphics

Our printed tension displays offer colourful, durable graphics that are sure to make a big statement at your next trade show. Select from a pop-up, pillowcase, or hanging banner styles in sizes from four to 30 feet wide. Because tension fabric displays are becoming more popular, this is one of our fastest-growing categories. Shop for your new display today!


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  1. Straight Media Walls (All Sizes)
    Straight Media Walls (All Sizes)
    3 Days
  2. Stretch Expo Banners (All Sizes)
    Stretch Expo Banners (All Sizes)
    3 Days
  3. Trade Show Package Deal
    Trade Show Package Deal
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  4. Branded Hand Sanitiser Station
    Branded Hand Sanitiser Station
    5-7 Days
  5. Printed Stretch Banner Stand
    Printed Stretch Banner Stand
    7 Days
  6. S Shape Stretch Banner
    S Shape Stretch Banner
    7 Days
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What Makes These Tension Displays So Great?

Today’s trade show displays use tension fabric tech that provides functionality, style, and simple setup. Shop our full line of stretch expo banners including towers, curved and straight back walls, hanging banners, podiums, and side walls. Begin with a standard-sized display and add elements to create a fully custom expo booth.

There are numerous advantages to these tension fabric displays, but portability is one of the biggest. Our stretch banners are small, light, and easy to carry, which reduces storage and shipping costs. Another significant benefit is the ability for your new trade show displays to be washed, steamed, dried, ironed, and stored easily. You’ll like the smooth, matte fabric finish, especially for indoor shows in highly-lit areas.

Quick Setup and Easy Use

Our printed tension displays are very simple to set up. With their rugged aluminium pop-up frames, they can be ready on short notice. The fabric skins on these displays are already attached to the frames when they arrive at your doorstep, which makes setup even easier. Simply unpack the frame, put it in your chosen location, and watch as the graphic panels unfold and stretch to form a smooth image across the entire trade show display.

Vibrant, Long-Lasting Graphics

Since its introduction a little over a decade ago, high-resolution dye sublimation has become a mainstay in the trade show display industry. Also known as dye sub, print outputs are more durable, realistic, and fade-resistant. Dye sublimated graphic panels are made of wrinkle-resistant flag cloth, satin, taffeta, chiffon, poly-silk, mesh, gaming suede, and a range of other materials.

Pop-Up Displays Help You Take Your Marketing Efforts to Another Level

With our pop-up tension fabric displays, you can instantly amplify your marketing strategy. It’s one of our most popular styles, and the pop-up frame allows you to change graphics quickly and easily. Our display kits ship with graphic skins already attached; simply open it up and lock the framework into place. These printed fabric panels are produced with attention to detail according to the highest quality standards, so your trade show booth looks great every time.

Use Stretch Fabric Displays for Last-Minute Events

Our stretch expo banners are another great option, particularly for companies that tend to get invited to events with little notice. With their portable, lightweight frame systems that require no tools for assembly, your fabric panels are stretched taut for a wrinkle-free display at each show. These displays come in a range of shapes, and their versatility allows you to create a customised setup without the high price tag.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With a Hybrid Display

Our hybrid stretch banners allow you to customise your display to suit the expo’s needs. Their modular technology lets you control the setup and display processes, and when you add components such as reception desks, slat walls, display shelving, and arch-top headers, it’s easy to become the talk of the trade show.

Magnetic Display Systems are Easy to Use

Our Klik system is one of the most advanced ways to display products at exhibitions and trade shows. With their aluminium frames and custom printed tension fabric panels, these systems are very easy to carry and set up. One of the biggest differences with this system is its magnetic mounts, which let you add product shelving or graphic panels as your needs change. You’ll soon find out that these magnetic mounts are one of the best parts of this system!

Hanging Banners Look Great From Every Angle

Lastly, our hanging tension fabric displays let your company’s logo be seen from every part of the expo floor. Select from our range of styles and shapes to direct show attendees to your booth, and use our hanging signs to grab their attention from any part of the building.

Contact Us Today for Affordable Trade Show Displays

Trade shows and expos are incredibly competitive, as dozens of companies are vying for attendees’ attention. To successfully market your products and services on the trade show circuit, you’ll need an eye-catching display, and we can help. Contact us by phone or online to have one of our design consultants help you select the right printed tension display today.