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If you’re looking for durable and reliable branded barriers and barrier covers, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of printed event barriers, allowing you to both manage crowds while at the same time, showcasing your brand or sponsorship logos to the masses. All of our branded banners and signs are designed to be durable, long lasting while still being affordable. Enquire today for a 100% no obligation quote and a free artwork proof prior to ordering.


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When it comes to managing crowds and ensuring smooth flow at events, public gatherings, or any crowded spaces, crowd control barriers are your ultimate solution. These versatile barriers not only help maintain order but also provide an excellent opportunity for brand promotion and communication. At Event Display, we offer a range of top-quality Printed crowd control barriers designed to meet your crowd control and advertising needs.

Printed Crowd Barrier

Our Printed Crowd Barriers are more than just functional crowd management tools; they are powerful advertising mediums that can effectively convey your brand message while ensuring the safety and organisation of your event. Let's delve into the world of Printed Crowd Barriers and discover how they can benefit your business or event.

The Versatility of Printed Crowd Barriers

Printed Crowd Barriers serve a dual purpose: they provide a physical barrier for crowd control and act as a highly visible advertising space. Here are some key features and benefits of our Printed Crowd Barriers:

  1. Efficient Crowd Management: Printed Crowd Barriers are ideal for guiding crowds, creating queues, and maintaining order at various events and venues. They are commonly used at festivals, concerts, sports events, exhibitions, and public gatherings.
  2. Customised Branding: These barriers offer a large and eye-catching canvas for displaying your brand logo, promotional messages, and graphics. Customisation options are virtually limitless, allowing you to create a unique and attention-grabbing design.
  3. Full-Colour Printing: Our barriers are printed using high-quality, full-colour digital printing technology. This ensures that your branding is vivid, sharp, and stands out, even in crowded settings.
  4. Durable Materials: We use durable materials for our Printed Crowd Barriers, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity.
  5. Easy Setup: Setting up Printed Crowd Barriers is a breeze. They are lightweight and come with a simple assembly process, making them a practical choice for any event.
  6. Custom Sizes: We offer a range of barrier sizes to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need standard sizes or custom dimensions, we can accommodate your needs.

The Cost-Effective Solution

One of the standout advantages of Printed Crowd Barriers is their cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional advertising methods, such as billboards or TV commercials, Printed Crowd Barriers offer a highly visible advertising platform at a fraction of the cost. You can make a significant impact on your target audience without breaking the bank.

Applications of Printed Crowd Barriers

Our Printed Crowd Barriers find applications in various settings and industries:

  1. Events and Festivals: Create designated pathways, queue lines, and promotional zones at events and festivals while effectively showcasing sponsors and event branding.
  2. Sports and Stadiums: Ensure crowd safety and organisation at sports matches and stadium events while displaying team logos and sponsors.
  3. Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Use Printed Crowd Barriers to define booth spaces and promote exhibitors. They can also serve as informative signage.
  4. Retail and Storefronts: Establish a branded presence outside your store or restaurant, attract foot traffic, and communicate special offers or menus.
  5. Construction Sites: Improve safety and security at construction sites by using Printed Crowd Barriers to mark off hazardous areas and display safety instructions.
  6. Public Spaces: In public areas such as parks, city centres, and transportation hubs, Printed Crowd Barriers can guide visitors and promote civic messages.

Why Choose Event Display?

In today's competitive landscape, standing out and leaving a lasting impression is crucial for businesses and event organisers. Printed Crowd Barriers allow you to do just that. Whether you want to showcase your brand, promote sponsors, or communicate essential messages, our barriers are designed to capture attention and create a memorable experience.

At Event Display, we take pride in offering top-quality Printed Crowd Barriers that meet the highest standards of durability, visibility, and customisation. When you choose us as your crowd control barrier provider, you benefit from:

  • Australian-Made Quality: Our barriers are proudly made in Australia, ensuring superior craftsmanship and materials.
  • Full-Service Solutions: From design assistance to production and delivery, we provide end-to-end solutions to meet your needs.
  • Quick Turnaround: We understand that timing is crucial. Our efficient processes enable us to deliver your Printed Crowd Barriers promptly.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We are readily available to address your questions and concerns.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. You get the best value for your investment.

Learn More About Our Printed Crowd Barriers

If you're ready to enhance crowd management, boost brand visibility, and make a statement at your next event or in your business space, it's time to explore the possibilities of our Printed Crowd Barriers. Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements, receive a quote, and embark on a journey to effective crowd control and powerful brand promotion with Event Display.


What are Printed Crowd Barriers used for?

Printed Crowd Barriers serve dual purposes. They are used for efficient crowd control at events, public gatherings, and various venues. Simultaneously, they offer a visible advertising space for showcasing brand logos, promotional messages, and graphics.

Can I customise the design of my Printed Crowd Barriers?

Absolutely! We offer full customisation options for your barriers. You can create a unique design with your brand elements, logos, and messages. Our design team can assist you, or you can use our online design tool for instant customisation.

Are Printed Crowd Barriers suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our Printed Crowd Barriers are designed to be versatile and durable. They can withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, for added stability, they may need to be secured when used outdoors, particularly in windy conditions.

What sizes are available for Printed Crowd Barriers?

We offer a range of sizes to suit your specific requirements. Our standard sizes include 1000mm W x 900mm H, 1500mm W x 900mm H, and 2000mm W x 900mm H. If you need custom dimensions, we can accommodate your needs.

Do you provide a warranty for Printed Crowd Barriers?

Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on our Printed Crowd Barriers. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a durable and reliable product. If you encounter any issues within the warranty period, please reach out to us, and we will address them promptly.