Branded Crowd Control Barriers & Printed Barrier Covers

If you’re looking for durable and reliable branded barriers and barrier covers, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of printed event barriers, allowing you to both manage crowds while at the same time, showcasing your brand or sponsorship logos to the masses. All of our branded banners and signs are designed to be durable, long lasting while still being affordable. Enquire today for a 100% no obligation quote and a free artwork proof prior to ordering.


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Premium Custom Printed Crowd Control Barriers

Branded barriers are an excellent tool for fencing off streetscapes, providing a barrier around your construction site or managing crowd flows at a corporate event or concert. The possibilities are practically endless.

Branded crowd control barriers come in two separate parts: the branded canvas and metal support. The branded canvas section is made of a type of non-rip polymesh material, making it highly durable and helping to prevent fading when used outdoors.

We print the mesh using a full-colour dye sublimation technique. This method practically eliminates the risk of damage by UV light, ensuring that your crowd barrier remains just as bright and colourful as the day it arrived at your site.

Highly durable temporary fenceing for events and commercial use

There’s another reason that our mesh is so durable: it can withstand debris and flying objects. Organisations often deploy mesh barriers in high-throughput environments. Debris, for instance, can fly off a building site, and barriers must often contend with large crowds of people who may crash into them, grab them with their hands, or brush them as they walk past. The high-grade poly mesh material can withstand heavy-duty use in high abrasion conditions, ensuring that your investment remains in a good state.

Air mesh barriers also come with specially arranged holes that allow wind to pass through, without blowing the barrier over.

When Should You Use Crowd Control Barriers?

There are many situations in which you might want to use a crowd control barrier.

Construction Sites

Construction sites often need to partition certain dangerous or unsuitable areas. Builders also need a method to keep the general public away from their operations. Crowd control barriers provide an ideal solution to both these problems, helping to manage the flow of workers onsite while at the same time, discouraging non-construction personnel from entering the site.

Gigs, Festivals And Outdoor Events

Managing the flow of people at gigs and outdoor events can be a challenge. Organisers often need solutions that are flexible and customizable to a particular location. That’s the beauty of our branded crowd control barriers: you can set them up in any way that you like, helping to manage the movement of people through your venue.

Our printed partitions are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. You could use our branded barriers to create an area for people to queue or keep the audience at a distance from the main stage. Barriers are also an excellent tool for ensuring gig-goers stay in well-defined sections of the venue and out of VIP areas and backstage.

Civil Works

If you’re a local authority engaged in civil works (or an organisation working on their behalf), then branded barriers are essential. Not only do they help to cordon off your work site, but you can also use them to tell people about the project. Branded barriers are a great customer relations tool, informing people of why there is disruption and how it helps them.

Barriers are quick to set up and can quickly restrict access to areas of your town or city. They are especially useful for streetscape renovations.

Conferences, Product Launches, and Corporate Events

Companies benefit enormously from being able to control and manage the flow of people at conferences, product launches, and corporate events. Being able to direct people while at the same time getting brand exposure is invaluable. You may need branded crowd control banners to form queuing area, block off certain sections of your venue or provide additional security.

Get A Range Of Branded Crowd Control Barriers

At Event Display, we offer a range of crowd control barriers complete with custom-printed mesh that you can set up anywhere.

Take our Easy Queue barrier. We designed the Easy Queue for one purpose and one purpose only - to make it easier for your organisation to manage queues. Queue management is essential, not just for keeping customers in the right areas of your venue, but also for safety. Our queue barriers are a great way to manage the flow of people at your event but are also exceptionally easy to set up. You don’t require any tools, and each barrier neatly folds away for storage. Queue barriers provide a great way to expose your audience to your brand while they wait to be served or gain entry to your venue.

Our Continuous Roll printed barrier mesh is the ideal solution for when you want to make a big statement. Rather than confining your message to the space provided by a single barrier, the continuous roll allows you to create massive adverts that run across several barriers, increasing the printed partition’s advertising potency, allowing your audience to see your message from greater distances.

Our Crowd Barrier Jackets are a new type of crowd control barricade that is lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. They are free standing and have large flat feet to prevent tipping, you’ll want to use these great banner displays at your next event, show, festival or concert.

Crowd Barrier Jackets are precisely what they sound like: custom printed banner mesh jackets that you simply slip over your barrier. You can get double-sided mesh jackets to create a great impression with customers, no matter where you go. We make all our crowd barrier jackets from super durable non-rip poly air mesh for a lasting and vibrant finish.

Our standard Crowd Control Barriers can be custom-branded with your organisation’s message or logo. The possibilities are endless.

Get Your Perfect Branded Crowd Control Barrier For Event Security Today

With Event Display, you can get a selection of high quality and durable branded barriers for exceptional value for money. With us, you can get a 100 percent free quote and no obligation virtual sample, allowing you to see what your barrier will look like before you order, allowing you to make changes and modification.

Our double-sided mesh custom printed barriers are ideally suited for creating an impression and boosting your brand appeal. Speak to us today about Australia events barriers.