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Why rent when you can buy? Our popular printed marquees will blow your mind! A must for any outdoor event, so let us make your brand stand out from the crowd with our free in-house design service. All our marquees are superior in quality offering vibrant UV resistant, full-colour printing on premium 600d oxford material that gives you’re the added benefit of UPF50+ sun protection. Don't settle for flimsy frames available in camping or outdoor shops. Go for our industrial manufactured standard high strength 45mm hexagonal aluminium structure with a 3-year frame warranty. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our free nationwide delivery. Contact us for a quote and let us bring your brand to life.


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  1. 1.5 x 1.5 Mini Stall Tent
    1.5 x 1.5 Mini Stall Tent
    7 Days
  2. 2.4 x 2.4 Printed Marquee
    2.4 x 2.4 Printed Marquee
    5 Days
  3. 3x3 Custom Printed Marquee
    3x3 Custom Printed Marquee
    5 Days
  4. 3x3 Marquee Display Package
    3x3 Marquee Display Package
    5 Days
  5. 4x4m Printed Marquees
    4x4m Printed Marquees
    7 Days
  6. 3x4.5m Custom Marquee
    3x4.5m Custom Marquee
    5 Days
  7. 3x4.5m Marquee Display Package
    3x4.5m Marquee Display Package
    5 Days
  8. 3x6 Marquee Display Package
    3x6 Marquee Display Package
    7-10 Days
  9. 3x6 Printed Marquee Tent
    3x6 Printed Marquee Tent
    5 Days
  10. 4x6 Printed Marquee Tent
    4x6 Printed Marquee Tent
    5 Days
  11. 4x8 Printed Marquee Tent
    4x8 Printed Marquee Tent
    7 Days
  12. NAIDOC 3x3 Marquee Package
    NAIDOC 3x3 Marquee Package
    10 Days
  13. NAIDOC 3x3m Marquee
    NAIDOC 3x3m Marquee
    10 Days
  14. 6x6 Printed Marquee Tent
    6x6 Printed Marquee Tent
    7 Days
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Our event gazebos are the easiest to set up

Printed gazebos or custom printed marquees as they are usually called. Are used at various types of outdoor events, or even indoor events, to help promote your brand, business, company or product. They can be used to set up an information station, a selling booth, or any other promotional ideas you may have to stand out from the crowd. If you plan on frequently setting up a branded gazebo at multiple events, buying a gazebo is a more sensible choice over renting one. You will always be ready to set up your marketing area without having to wait on a gazebo hire company to deliver.

Get the complete kit at no extra cost

To scratch the surface of our quality and standards: our folding marquees come in a complete kit with carry bags, polyester canopies, full colour printing of your logo, tie down ropes and ground pegs. All these included items are designed as a a high quality product, we don’t cut corners on quality of print and if we print double sided panels we include an inner lining between panels so that light does not filter through and distort the branding on your pop up marquees.

Not your average pop up tent

Our event gazebos are unlike anything you will ever find in an outdoor shop that sells tents and camping gear. The 40mm hexagonal framing material used in our gazebos are made from high strength aluminum. The canopies of the gazebos are manufactured from materials that are durable and made with quality nylon fixings. They give you a protected and designated area that is designed to help promote your business, brand, or product. Because if you are hosting a sporting event or attending a trade show you can’t afford for your marquee to collapse. Have your canopy branded with the name and/or logo of your company, which only adds to the promotion of your business at any event.

Get a printed pop up gazebo delivered Australia wide

Our gazebos are all made with quality, and vibrancy. Any colour you choose will be vibrant enough to make your brand or logo pop. We offer different types of materials that the canvas can be made up of, including material that is waterproof and fireproof. There are also various different fittings and extras available for you to choose from. For example, you can have an extendable gazebo awning attached to it, a banner mounting bracket, or you can have your frame upgraded to be made from material that is a bit more heavy duty.

We also offer additional anchoring options such as ground pegs, a strap on sand bag, or a flat weight plate. Further extras include additional signs, and matching extras, such as a brochure stand, or a matching table. All of our gazebos come in various sizes, and their set up time does not exceed 5 minutes. Our team of professionals will print any design, logo, and/or text you want on your customisable event gazebo. You can even choose to have a company name, website, phone number, and/or logo printed on your canopy at once. They are made to be vibrant, informative, and durable.

We won't be beaten on price or turnaround

All of our products come with a price beat guarantee. If you find one of our gazebos at a lower price somewhere else we will beat their price. We offer a fast 7 to 10 delivery date period, and you can choose to have your order rush delivered to you (conditions may apply). Our team of designers will present you with a virtual sample of your work, so you are 100 percent satisfied when you receive your order. We will deliver anywhere in Australia at no additional fees, and they come complete with a 5 year warranty. Each event gazebo comes with UPF50+ sun protection. Due to our price beat guarantee we literally have the lowest prices around, and our products are built to be both eye catching, and built to last.


What Can You Use A Marquee For?

Our marquees are useful in various situations; sporting events, sponsorship opportunities, a new product launch, trade shows, and many other outdoor events. Essentially, it’s entirely up to you how you use one!

Do I Have To Design My Own Marquee?

No, you don’t have to design the entire thing, just give our team a few instructions and your logo, and we’ll do the rest. Our design team can tailor your marquee to your exact requirements, giving you more brand exposure when you need it most. You even get a virtual sample of the design so you can be 100% satisfied with the finished product.

Do You Charge Extra For A Design Service?

Absolutely not! We don’t think it’s fair to charge you for this, so all of our marquees are designed for free.

How Long Will It Take For My Marquee To Be Ready?

Our standard canopies can be with you in about a day or two as we can just dispatch them from the warehouse right away. But, if you want a bespoke marquee with your brand logo on it, then it usually takes 7 to 10 days for it to be designed and delivered.

Are Your Marquees Waterproof?

Yes, all of our gazebos and marquees are entirely waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. Any rain showers won’t be an issue, but more severe weather conditions - like storms - will be problematic. It’s not recommended that you use one if there are dangerous weather warnings, but general rain or hail will be fine!

Are Your Marquees Fireproof?

Again, we offer marquees that can be made with fire-resistant canvas materials. This prevents any serious issues from occurring if there’s an accident at your event. As a bonus, all of our marquees and gazebos come with UPF50+ sun protection as well.

Do You Have A Warranty Period?

We currently offer a 5-year warranty period on all of our products.

What Parts Of The Gazebo/Marquee Can Be Printed?

It’s entirely up to you! We’re more than happy to create printed designs on all sections of the marquee, but this will raise the overall price a little bit.

Am I Able To Put Photos On The Marquee?

We understand that a lot of our clients like to promote certain things on their marquees, and this usually involves photographs of different things. So, yes, you can put photos on your gazebo, but we recommend that they’re high-quality image files. Otherwise, they end up pixelated and blurry, which ruins the overall design. Don’t worry, our team will check them beforehand and tell you if a better image is required!

What Are Your Products Made Out Of?

Our gazebos and marquees are made out of premium materials designed to provide extra durability and quality. The frames are constructed from high-strength aluminum, which allows the whole structure to remain more sturdy. As for the canopies, they’re designed using polyester and quality nylon fixings to protect everything inside.

How Do I Set Up My Marquee?

You’ll be overjoyed to know that setting up one of our marquees is incredibly straightforward. You just take it out of the protective packaging, and it can be erected in minutes with only two people required. We have a video that shows you how easy this can be done.

What Happens If My Marquee Gets Damaged?

We stock plenty of replacement parts that you can replace on a broken marquee. For local clients, we do offer a repair service, so bring your product to us, and we’ll provide a quote for it.

What’s So Special About Your Outdoor Marquees Compared To Ones From A Camping Store?

It’s natural to look at our products and wonder why you should buy one instead of going to a standard camping or hardware store. The truth is, none of the products you buy from these stores are constructed for commercial use. They tend to be made out of flimsy materials that don’t stand the test of time. Ours are all designed using commercial-grade materials that ensure they serve their purpose effectively. Plus, we offer customisation and printing, which you won’t get from a camping store.

How Should I Store/Look After My Marquee?

Ideally, you should take off the canopy when you’re folding up the marquee after use. However, if you need to use it again soon after, then we appreciate this isn’t practical. So, just be extra careful when you fold it down and ensure none of the canopies gets stuck between fittings as this can cause tears. We always recommend to keep it inside the carry bag when not in use as this protects the marquee from any potential damages.

How Much Is Delivery?

We will provide you with the delivery costs when you place your order or request a quote. It depends on how quickly you need the product as we offer a rush delivery service that gets it to you within 7 days - this is more expensive than standard delivery.

Where Can You Deliver The Marquees To?

Our company delivers anywhere in Australia - and we don’t charge extra for delivery in certain areas, unlike some other companies out there.

How Can I Trust That Your Marquees Will Last?

Our business has years of experience in this line of work, and we’ve sold hundreds of marquees to clients all over Australia. Our record speaks for itself, and we only use quality materials when constructing our products. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our amazing products and service!

Do You Offer Any Extras?

Yes, all our marquees can be bought with additional items as well. We provide a full kit with every purchase, including carry bags, tie-down ropes, ground pegs, and more. You can also purchase more items such as extendable awnings and additional signage - or even a brochure stand!

Do You Have Any Special Discounts?

If you’re interested in enjoying a discount, then contact our team today, and we’ll let you know of any offers that might be active.