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We can't be beaten on our carefully chosen range of digital signage solutions. We offer comprehensive warranty, free assistance with media creation and technical advice. Our before and after sales service is unbeaten and our prices are the most competitive in Australia. Browse our various options below and contact our team for a 100% FREE quote.

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Customers love our products and service

A modern take on a classic advertising solution.

Digital signage and LED screen displays have quickly become one of the leading marketing solutions in the contemporary world, and are highly versatile products for an array of applications. We live in a visual world, and digital signage and LED screen displays are the future of marketing. Consumers have high expectations for businesses, so it’s no wonder as to why such solutions have become a success in delivering innovative experiences for consumers and driving results. Investing in our solutions not only enables your company to have a competitive edge, but also offers in-depth visualisation with the higher chance to connect profoundly with customers. Let us help your company stand out from the crowd with our innovative digital signage and LED screen display solutions to deliver dynamic digital content exactly how and where you need it.

Digital signage works for any industry or market segment.

Whether you are a marketing manager, or a business owner, digital signage and LED screen displays can be a crucially impressive tool that helps to communicate significant information to consumers, improve levels of customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive sales. Digital signage and LED screen displays essentially replace posters as a modern alternative to attractively present your brand, are reliable to use, and easy to design. Here at Event Display, we are dedicated in helping to make your digital signage dreams a digital reality for your business.

Premium quality products from Event Display

Our cutting-edge range of digital signs and LED screen displays actively responds to diversifying marketing trends to help you expand your business through dynamic and creative software. A bespoke video display bursting with personality helps to visually demonstrate your brand, and is a superb opportunity to influence your customer’s buying decisions. Our products are sleek, stylish and highly customisable to meet your requirements, and are of perfect use for corporate events, as well as store showrooms and shops to effectively showcase your product. Our digital signs will help you to impactfully engage, inform, and direct your customers with the use of both exciting visuals and memorable advertising.

Let our design team help you achieve display success!

Create a mesmerising display with us today at Event Display and leave a lasting imprint on your existing and potential customers. We highly value our customer’s shopping experience and offer a free of charge design service with ultra-vibrant print, and an optional rush production and rapid air express delivery to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

Use our interchangeable media settings for seasonal promotions.

It’s also great to know that most of our digital displays feature interchangeable media which can be repurposed for multiple events, special offers and seasonal promotions. What’s more, all of our high-quality products come with Australian warranty, satisfaction guarantee, an event safety compliant, and no minimum purchase is required.

Trust us with your digital display needs!

Whatever digital signage ideas you have in mind for your business, we are here to help you find the software solution that accurately meets your needs, and will provide you with support from concept to reality. Here at Event Display, you can depend on our expert team in offering professional advice and support should you need it. For any further enquiries about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.