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People at events and exhibitions are in a hurry, wholesalers and buying agents are on the hunt for the next big product they can sell in their business. The same goes for retail consumers and end-users, they are being overloaded with information about products that claim all sorts of things. If you are attending these events as an exhibitor then you need to draw attention, but just getting seen isn't enough! Our brochure stands serve multiple functions, they promote your name and offer people a chance to takeaway a marketing booklet or brochure that people will keep long after the expo has finished. With full-colour branding, 5-minute setup and a complete carry bag kit these catalogue stands are hard to overlook as a promotional masterpiece

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Brochure and cataloge display stands for your expo

People have a limited attention span. If something doesn't quickly catch their eye, they will move on to the next thing. For this reason, businesses need to find new ways to attract the attention of consumers and do so in a short period of time. Catalogue display stands can be of help with this, and these common items are rapidly changing. Gone are the days when a simple metal stand would suffice.

Today, consumers tend to be drawn to stunning visual displays, ones that make use of the latest technology. They want large graphics that draw them in and make them want to learn more. If the display doesn't, they are going to keep moving past the site. Thankfully, the newest styles of display stands recognize this and achieve these goals quickly and easily, and many incorporate the technology consumers love. When the time comes to purchase a new Brochure shelf or booklet display stand, be sure to check this option out. Following is what businesses need to know about this emerging marketing tool.

Why Stretch Catalogue Display Stands?

Stretch display stands function as a self-serve, non-manned marketing point. They tend to draw people in with the vibrant graphics and branding of the company, at which time the consumer can then take a brochure or catalogue with them to obtain additional information. Tablet and iPad variants are also offered, and these options allow a visitor to view a video about the company or product. Thanks to the new technology that is emerging in this area, companies will find there is a lot of possibility in these items.

Where Catalogue Display Stands Can Be Useful

Catalogue display stands may be found in numerous locations. Businesses often make use of them for conventions and trade shows, yet they can be set up anywhere a company has a presence. For example, they may be used at a vendor booth at a street fair. When staff members are tied up talking to other visitors, those entering the booth can begin obtaining information while they wait as opposed to just standing around. They can also be spread around a major event, attracting attention as people pass by, and this encourages them to visit the booth to learn more. These are only a few of the many ways in which these stands can help a business increase their brand visibility.

The Benefits Of Stretch Printed Catalogue Stands

In addition to being vibrant and drawing in those passing by, these display stands offer numerous other benefits. They provide a great return on investment, especially when compared to their more traditional siblings. Furthermore, they are easy to assemble and take down, require very little room for storage, and can be transported easily using a lightweight carry bag. This allows the stand to be used in a variety of venues. As the graphics can be interchanged on these stands, companies find they spend less on marketing resources, yet receive the numerous benefits of the display. As fewer stands are needed, this helps a business save on storage costs as well.

Stretch Display Stand Options

Each company needs to distinguish itself from others to truly attract attention, and these stretch display stands make doing so easier than ever before. Companies find they can choose between a straight version and a curved one, depending on their branding guidelines and the amount of information to be shared on the display. CMYK digital printing is offered to ensure vibrant displays, and a UV-resistant coating is used to lock the print in, thus fading and runs aren't of concern. Furthermore, companies find the entire surface will be printed edge to edge, and two side printing is available for those companies needing this option. Thanks to the variety of options, every company can create a display that truly meets their needs.

A Booklet display stand is a great addition to any marketing arsenal. Consider using this item to boost your brand awareness at major events. As they are suitable for a variety of venues, companies find they save money by spending less on multiple items and maximizing the use of ones they do have. Be sure to check out the options available and don't make the mistake of viewing the new stands as similar to those of the past. They take technology to a whole new level, which is what many consumers are looking for.