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That's right, we produce temporary structures at extremely affordable prices. These are different to our range of printed marquees. They are larger in size and usually arrive unbranded, however, they can be printed if required. Companies pay thousands just to hire a temporary structure but this is a false economy if you are holding multiple events and trade shows. Especially when we can supply many of these structures at extremely competitive rates. Browse below and request a quote today!

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Temporary Structures

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Providing temporary shade & enclosure to events

Temporary structures can provide a perfect solution for a wide range of outdoor events. When constructed of high-quality materials, tents and semi-permanent buildings can provide first-rate protection from the elements while maintaining many advantages over more permanent alternatives. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and quite versatile. As a result, they can be used for purposes as diverse as equine housing, temporary warehouse storage, and even fairly upscale events.

We have any size event covered, literally!

Covered space solutions are available in a variety of widths, lengths, and heights. What they all have in common is that there is no need for even temporary foundations to be constructed on-site. Even economy-grade structures can be safely constructed in place and held to the ground using tension wires and anchor plates, which can help those hosting events, or requiring extra space, to save some time and money.

Constructed from high-quality and durable materials, these semi-permanent structures are just about maintenance free. Their aluminum alloy main framework and hot-dipped galvanized steel connections are corrosion resistant and robust enough to withstand even strong winds and inclement weather conditions. One-piece PVC walls and roofs ensure no moisture can get in, preventing the possibility of damage to any goods or equipment stored inside. Plus, even basic units come standard with lockable PVC doors that offer protection from unwanted guests in addition to weather extremes.

We are your new temporary structure manufacturing partner

Here in Australia, manufacturers of tents and semi-permanent buildings understand that events sometimes come with a set budget. This shouldn't mean those holding them have to settle for sub-par equipment. Even economy-level tents are equipped with everything needed to make sure any event goes off without a hitch. High-quality Temporary structures can make the difference between a well-organised event that goes off without a hitch despite unexpected rain and having to cancel the party at the first sight of a storm.

The construction industry, airports, and emergency response teams have all been making use of semi-permanent structures for years as convenient solutions to providing everything from basic shelter to luxury accommodations. Why not find out how the same technology can be put to good use at that next major expo, fund-raiser, concert, party, or other outdoor events?

Get a free quote today

We don't list pricing on our website because no two structures are the same and each and every customer has different specific needs. You may need arched roofing in a special size, or a flat roof with a moderate lean to prevent rain gathering. There's a lot of options available and for this reason we are on standby to quote you immediately. Simply complete our contact form (right) and our team will respond within 30 minutes.

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