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Trade Show Displays, Designed, Produced & Delivered Auswide.

We don't compromise on quality, price or turnaround. We have unrivaled service on every single product we sell, with a fully equipped production facility and our very own in house design team you will not be disappointed with our range of event display booths and trade show displays. Below are just a few examples of what we are capable of, we custom create these trade show displays to suit your exact requirements. Talk to us now and we will send you a free quote and mock up in minutes. Price beat guarantee* and free design. Why bother going elsewhere?

How To Stand Out From Your Trade Show Competitors

Trade shows provide wonderful opportunities for exposing new and existing customers to products or services. However, in many cases, typical trade show displays do little to differentiate one company from another. That’s why it’s vital to work with providers who are dedicated to improving the quality of your trade show display.

Explore Different Wall Styles and Designs

Whether the trade show is in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, unique wall features can be used to enhance an organisation’s display. Plain, straight display walls may be effective in many situations, but using unique curves or other shapes will set your display apart from the crowd.

Colours Matter

Expo displays need to incorporate colours that attract attention without being too harsh. Design experts work with clients to determine the best colour balance for Australian trade shows. Since colour use can create or enhance a viewer’s mood, it’s important to find the best balance to market a specific product or service.

Display Size Impacts Results

In some cases, bigger is better, but that’s not always true. When a larger space is available, it makes using unique designs easier to accomplish, but even a smaller booth can be effective when the most appropriate features are included. Always remember it’s the customer experience that’s important, not the convenience of the booth owner.

Consider Interactive Displays

Dull, unimaginative trade show displays do little to generate excitement. Simply handing out free pens or literature does little to create a buying atmosphere. On the other hand, visitors tend to love interactive displays where there are opportunities to try products or use electronic devices to review the display owner’s offerings.

Location May Dictate Changes

Brisbane trade show attendees may be different than those in Sydney or Melbourne, so it’s always a good idea to consider how trade show visitors may be different in specific areas. That isn’t to suggest the entire display must be changed when in different regions, but local preferences should be factored into determining how a display is configured. In some cases, that may require a little trial and error, but display experts may be able to provide general advice to meet local needs.

Expo Layouts Define Some Display Requirements

Expo displays that work well midway down an aisle may not be as effective in a corner location. While some displays are versatile enough to work in any space, an organization may well determine it’s better to reserve one type of space over another to make the best use of a display’s content.

Consider Banners

Some trade show display designs don’t lend themselves to using banners, but others are actually designed to benefit from the use of a banner. The venue also determines if a banner would benefit a trade show booth.  When the height of a venue is sufficient, an expo booth using a well-designed banner may well stand out from neighbouring competitors. If there are questions about the appropriateness of a banner for a specific venue, discuss the issues with a trade show booth expert.

Transportation Issues Make a Difference

Although some organisations are able to move large displays easily, not every organisation has that luxury. When selecting trade show displays, look closely at the requirements for transporting the display elements. Do the elements pack neatly into provided cases, and can those cases be moved easily from one spot to another? Since fast setups and takedowns reduce overall costs, packing and transportation must be considered.

Deal with Suppliers that Offer Appropriate Bundles

Trade show displays must meet the needs of customers. That means components must be easy to find and select, and providers should always have bundling options available to meet the design and budget needs of clients. Being able to select different sizes, colours, and design features to meet a company’s unique needs is important. Select a trade show booth supplier that truly meets your needs.

When Speed is an Issue

While it’s always better to select trade show displays well before an event, there are times when obtaining display components quickly will be necessary. Check with suppliers to determine whether walls, tables, and other components can be shipped quickly when an emergency develops.

Get Started Now

Even if an expo isn’t scheduled in the immediate future, it pays to start exploring trade show displays that will stand out from the competition now. Doing so will provide the time to examine potential display solutions and make design decisions. If you’ve got questions or need advice, contact a trade show display expert today.