8 Places to Use a Marquee for Your Business

8 Places to Use a Marquee for Your Business

A marquee sign invokes images of the Las Vegas strip, downtown movie theatres, and witty church banner. It also could be referencing a “tent-like structure with open sides.”

In our industry, we use the word for both signage types. And each can help your business achieve its goals. We’ll be discussing how in the following article. We’ll also be sharing several uses that can take your company to the next level. Let’s begin!

1. Roadside Business Signage

One type of marquee in common use is roadside business signage. Motorists may notice these signs as having black letters, white backgrounds, and a flashy horizontal arrow pointing toward the business in question.

These signs are particularly useful in high-density areas where businesses run together. They clarify the business location for visitors unfamiliar with the area. They also provide enough warning that the visitor can keep a watch for parking within proximity if parking is limited in front of the building.

Roadside business signage can advertise flash sales, business hours, or newly in-stock items.

2. Trade Shows

Trade shows are hugely beneficial with the right booth display and proper signage calling attention to it. Marquees can handle the latter part of that equation with ease and in case you’re wondering, the right trade show is well worth pursuing.

Just to give you an idea, the study CEIR: The Changing Environment of Exhibitions found almost 100% of marketers credited trade shows with delivering value not found in other mediums. They cited mass prospect/customer availability, face-to-face interaction, and diversity of interactions as their reasons.

But it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle if you fail to prepare. Always pack a marquee sign to make sure your booth gets noticed.

3. Employment Initiatives

Another practical marquee use for businesses is in the pursuit of employment initiatives. Calling attention to the fact you’re hiring could grab you several qualified leads without any additional investment beyond the cost of the signage.

Companies often employ marquees when holding recruiting drives, advertising on-site for help wanted or attending job fairs. The extra effort also adds a touch of professionalism that puts job seekers at ease.

4. Special Events

A business will undergo many special needs throughout its life cycle. Some of these needs will grow from a sense of fun while others will be out of desperation. In either case, a marquee sign can help.

A special Black Friday promotion is one practical use. The busiest shopping season of the year kicks off on Thanksgiving night and the early Friday morning hours to follow. Sales have continued to rise in the brick-and-mortar world despite the influx of online shopping. Well-placed signage allows your business to get in on the $3.9 billion (as of 2017) spent during this busy time.

On the flip side of a growing business, you’ve got those at the end of their life cycles. In such scenarios, a liquidation sale may become necessary. Marquees remain your best bet for attracting the public’s attention and reminding them you’re still here for a while longer.

5. Community Sponsorships

Relationship marketing is still one of the most effective ways of growing a business. You can certainly do this online, but it’s easier to establish when you can go out into your community and meet others face-to-face.

A marquee sign allows you to let the community know of your presence. But it also gives you the chance to show positivity and keep your community informed of the ways you’re helping.

Think about using yours to advertise special school events you’re sponsoring, or causes that you simply support. During our years at Event Display, we’ve seen creative uses that range from showing support for a local sports team to raising money for families who’ve lost loved ones or are experiencing other hardships.

6. Important Announcements

Another great way to get customers through your door is to host special guests and signings. Of course, you will need the right partner for this to be effective.

Assuming you do, use your signage to let customers know about the amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they will have to meet a niche celebrity or sports idol. You also could use the sign to inform them you’re out of a particular piece of inventory as well as when the next shipment will arrive.

7. Directional Purposes

Google and Apple don’t always get it right when it comes to guiding customers to your door.

Let’s say you just moved into a building that was once occupied by another business. The mapping features on most smartphones may not be aware of the change. This can create a lot of confusion.

Establishing a marquee sign can provide directions to your business that aren’t available through Siri. It also can clear up any confusion if your business is located in a cluster of other stores.

8. Storytelling

For an exhibit-based location where storytelling matters, marquees can work especially well. Go to any museum or historic site if you don’t believe us. What you will find are visually appealing marquee displays that offer some imagery into the past as well as words of explanation. Together these paint a story that provides value to the individuals visiting the display.

How can your business use storytelling to advance its cause? What would your customers want to know? Do you sell anything where product education is essential to converting prospects into buyers? Keep these questions in mind, and think of how you can incorporate it into a display.

What Will Your Marquee Sign Say?

If you haven’t quite found the proper use for this signage type, we’re hoping the suggestions presented here have provided you with a pathway forward.

Once you’re ready to incorporate a marquee sign into your business, let us know how we can help you as we’ve helped countless others. Our partnerships allow us to order many items directly from manufacturers.

We also feature graphic design services to help with the look and all the supplies you’ll need for your upcoming promotional event. So contact us today for a free quote or with any questions you may have.