It takes about 5 seconds for a person to stroll past an expo booth, look at it, and then decide whether to stop or move on. That isn’t much time to grab someone’s attention. It’s harder still because every booth is trying to do the same thing.

If you want to stand out at an expo or trade show, add video to your booth design. But it has to be the right video.

Want to learn how to make an effective trade show video? Good! Keep reading.

Guidelines for Effective Video

This article breaks down essential tips for videos that customers want to watch. Here are 9 ways to create a memorable video for your booth.

1. Make It Short

As mentioned earlier, you have seconds to get someone’s attention. Don’t squander your chance with boring information. You have to be interesting right away — even when the video is on a loop.

Put together a short, engaging video focused on solving a customer want or need. Tell the customer how your product or service makes life better for them.

An expo video isn’t the time to explain your company story. Save your company history for a later conversation or follow up correspondence. Direct customers to your website, or a brochure for more background information.

Keep your video short and all about the customer.

2. Visually Appealing

Visual appeal means excellent graphics. Nothing fuzzy. Now isn’t the time to take a picture of a picture.

Invest in professional video and photography for your booth design. Quality visuals to convey experience, expertise, and reliability. Images will make or break your sales pitch.

Moving pictures are more interesting than stills. If you can, shoot video of your product in use. If you must use photographs, add live music to tie everything together.

Strong graphics can explain important information in a visual way. Try to condense complicated topics into infographics. Use the graphic as a way to discuss material further during a one-on-one conversation.

Another idea is to use product images as video wallpaper across the back of your booth. This allows you to communicate details of your products with dramatic, engaging visuals.

3. Titles Versus Text

Large amounts of text are hard to read. Put headlines, not paragraphs in your video. Make the text easy to read. Skip fancy scripts and funky colours. Use bold, clean fonts that are easy to read from a distance.

Don’t try to include in-depth information or specifications in a video. It’s boring and doesn’t add any value to the audience.

No one is going to stand around and read your video. Instead, make it easy for people to find more information elsewhere.

4. Focus on Your Audience

The most effective videos are for a specific audience and situation. Don’t recycle something you already have to save money.

Create a video aimed at the people visiting your booth display. A targeted message generates better leads and more sales.

Research shows 92% of trade show attendees want to find product information. Your primary focus should be to help visitors learn something new.

Your video is a direct sales pitch to your potential clients. Use it to introduce or feature your newest products.

Speak to your customer. Tell them why they should care. Explain how your product and services help them.

5. No Voiceovers. Create a Mood with Music

Trade shows are noisy. No one is going to hear a voiceover explaining your company or the point of the video.

Skip the urge to use heavy narration, dialogue, and interviews. Dialogue can be annoying if people are trying to talk nearby. It adds to the din of the expo.

Instead, choose a soundtrack that creates a mood. Let it tell viewers how you want them to feel about your product. Upbeat, emotional, confident, concerned, etc.

A loud musical soundtrack can break through crowd noise better than a voice.

6. Be Tech-Savvy

Try to send attendees home with your video on their mobile devices. Use Quick Response (QR) codes or interactive tactics so visitors download your video.

This kind of interaction makes your company memorable. Plus, your visitors can share or rewatch the video after the expo.

Another option is to load your video onto a popular trade show giveaway — a thumb drive. This provides a high-resolution video and a branded promo item.

If you can, get people to engage with your video. A group of people interacting with your video display attracts other attendees. It makes your booth design memorable to visitors.

7. Elevate to be Visible from a Distance

In the chaos of a trade show, people ignore or overlook small video screens. Big digital displays get attention.

You want a large display that attendees can see from a distance. This draws people to your booth. Again, make sure your visuals tell an appealing story.

The average trade show booth is about 10 feet square. Consider elevating your video display. A raised display stretches your reach across the expo with higher visibility. It also frees up floor space in your booth.

If you use this tactic, make sure your video is high-resolution and looks good from a distance. A big fuzzy blob on a giant screen won’t attract potential clients.

8. Make Your Product the Star of the Video

Make sure your product is the featured star in the video. Start with a close up of the product in action. Display the product in its natural environment.

Use closeup shots to highlight special characteristics. Include footage of happy customers using your product. Throw in a glamour shot to illustrate its best features.

9. Have a Clear Message and Selling Point

You want your video to be a clear, concise message. Accomplish this goal with a tight explanation of how your product helps customers.

Focus on emotional appeal over statistics. Tell your audience why they should want your product. Then, tell them how to buy it.

Get Expert Help With Your Booth Design

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