Custom Promotional Event Inflatable Tents, Domes & Structures

If you’re looking for inflatable tents to promote your brand in a more sophisticated way? Maybe for a concert or trade event in Australia? Then Event Display is here to help. We offer a range of custom-branded tents and domes which are fully adaptable to meet your marketing needs and allow you to show off your brand. Our inflatable tents provide the perfect branded spaces for showcasing your products, providing demonstrations, attracting crowds and creating a buzz.

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A Vast Selection Of Inflatable Structures

There are so many ways that your organisation can use inflatable tents and domes to promote its brand. That’s why we offer a range of different tent and dome styles, allowing you to pick the one that complements your company best.

V-Wing Tent

Want an open-air shelter that’s easy to set up and allows customers and colleagues to walk in and out easily? Then take a look at our inflatable V-Wing tents: an option that provides an ideal sales or demo area.

Slimline Dome

Our new Slimline Dome comes in a 3x3 or 5x5 metre footprint, providing you with ample space to entertain clients or customers. It’s easy to set up too, thanks to the included blower.

Light Up Inflatable Dome

Want to get people’s attention in a crowded environment? Then why not choose our light up, inflatable dome. The dome comes with not only your custom branding but also bright lights, making it great for busy venues and nighttime events.

Inflatable Dome Marquees

Sometimes you need a large tent to provide space for all your operations. Our inflatable dome marquee tents are an excellent option for any organisation that requires a large, covered area.

Inflatable dome marquees are also excellent for raising awareness about your brand or cause, allowing you to be seen from a distance in public areas, high streets, and corporate events.

And Many, Many More

Event Display offers a vast range of form factors for your branded inflatable tents and domes, including jumbo tents, LED tents, custom inflatable structures, evolution tents, inflatable LED pillars and inflatable super domes. Send us an enquiry for more information.

Why Choose Event Display?

There are so many reasons to choose Event Displays.

Outstanding Custom Inflatable Shelters

Every organisation is unique. That’s why we take great pains to ensure that all our inflatable shelters are custom and bespoke to your needs. Not only do we offer a wide range of shelters and domes, but also full printing customisation, allowing you to create the perfect inflatable tent for promoting your brand.

Professional Custom-Shaped Shelters

At Events Display, we have a team of committed, professional engineers who work tirelessly to create unique and exciting shelters for your event. We can design individual inflatable structures that reflect the needs of your brand and help to generate consistency with customers.

Highly Durable Materials

Inflatable tents need to be able to take a lot of punishment at events. Mud, weather, collisions with attendees and other hazards mean that you need something durable that will stand the test of time. Here at Event Displays, we ensure that our tents meet the highest construction standards, giving you confidence that your inflatable won’t deflate and wreck your venue.

We use high-grade vinyl in the construction of our tents, and seal wit with heat sealed panels that increase the life and durability of the product. We also use double-stitching in high-stress areas, providing you with much-needed robustness.

Use Inflatable Tents At A Range Of Events

The great thing about inflatable tents is that you can use them to promote your brand at a wide range of events. Take a look at some of these ideas.

Inflatable Tents For Events And Concerts

Events and concerts are one of the most popular applications for inflatable, branded tents. Why? Because they provide your organisation with a way of raising awareness for its brand while at the same time, creating a space separating it from other companies in your area.

For instance, trade shows can be densely populated with many other firms, all trying to sell a similar product. Inflatable tents help to make your stall more visually appealing, market your brand and promote your products, all from a distance. People at the event will see your inflatable tent from a distance and will be attracted to it.

Inflatable Tents For Market Stalls

Do you operate a market stall? If so, then an inflatable tent could be the ideal solution. Tents and domes shelter your customers from the weather and give you a space to keep your product dry. Offering customers shelter is a great way to get an edge on the competition while at the same time, doing so engagingly and effectively.

Inflatable Tents For Racing Events

Nowhere are inflatable tents more at home than at racing events. Inflatable LED pillars provide the perfect solution for advertising information, and inflatable gates and domes make great access points to the venue, whether local banger racing or Formula 1.

Choose Event Display Today

At Event Display, we’re committed to creating the best inflatable tents and inflatable structures in Australia. We take special care to construct all our tents and domes to the highest standards. We use both highly durable nylon as well as double-stitching and heat treating to increase reliability.

Our specialist print team allows you to create custom-printed tents that provide a true reflection of your brand. Thanks to our special printing equipment, you can get a full reproduction of your organisation’s emblems and logos in their original colours. Your customers will not be able to tell the difference between your online marketing and your in-person branding on your tent, providing perfect consistency.

We supply all of the hardware you need with each tent. There are no additional fees or accessories to buy. Our inflatable tents are a breeze to set up at your next event or concert, and easy to take down and store too.

Send us an enquiry and get a free visualisation of what your tent, dome or inflatable structure could look like today.