Printed Gazebos Can Help Attract New Clients

Printed Gazebos Can Help Attract New Clients

The global trade show industry does over 30 billion dollars of revenue every year. What that says is that businesses, whether they’re brick-and-mortar or online based, understand the value of setting up a stand and engaging clients in unique ways from time to time.

If you’ve ever attended a trade show or a similar special event, you know how it goes. You’re situated among a ton of people. On your right, there is a competing business. On your left, the same thing. Even with all of the foot traffic and lead potential at these kinds of events, it can be hard to stand out. Fortunately, utilizing a printed gazebo could help you circumvent that issue.

Our team at Event Display have put together this article to help you determine whether or not you feel a printed gazebo can give you the competitive edge you need at your next event!

1) Your Booth Will Feel Professional

Instilling confidence in consumers in rearguard to your brand is instrumental in making sales. After all, nobody wants to buy from a company that makes them uneasy about the quality of merchandise they’ll be receiving. With a printed gazebo, you’ll make it clear to customers that you take your brand seriously. They’ll then be able to infer that your level of seriousness translates to the products you’re selling them.

2) You Will Increase Your Logo and Brand’s Name Recognition

77% of marketers agree that branding is critical to a business’ success. Why? People form emotional connections to your logo, colour palette, and brand name. Giving people the opportunity to get acquainted with your brand is integral to building initial awareness and starting consumers down the path of becoming loyal to your company.

With a printed gazebo, whether someone is standing in front of your booth or 10 booths away, if they’re glancing in your direction, they’re going to see your branding. These impressions you’re getting are invaluable to boosting the return on investment you get from events. If your gazebo is plain, you’re essentially missing out on a free billboard that can foster engagement with potential customers.

3) You Can Showcase Promotions

One of the key drivers of consumer activity at an event is an excellent promotion. If you’re selling lemonade for instance and you have an incredible two for one special, you can be sure that whenever someone passes by your booth they will be interested. Still, you can only attract those who get close enough to your booth to read on some placard the deal you’re offering.

Printed gazebos break that barrier. When utilizing a custom gazeebo, you can advertise your value proposition in a way that everyone can see. This will significantly increase the number of conversions you get during your event.

4) Your Booth Will Be A Landmark

Events can get crazy. Many times people attending will look for focal points they can orient themselves around. Sometimes it’s a water fountain. Sometimes it’s an archway. Imagine though if your booth could be a focal point!

Custom gazebos make that possible. You can print a custom design on your gazebo that uses eye-catching imagery and colours that beg to be seen. This can lead to more people congregating in your vicinity and a higher likelihood to engage leads.

5) You Can Target Your Look To The Event You’re At

People who attend events want to feel like the vendors are as excited about being there as they are. Nothing says that better than utilizing a custom gazebo design that calls out the event. This can be as simple as incorporating the event’s name in your gazebo print. It can be as deep as going with a graphics package on your gazebo that aligns with the event’s motif. However, you choose to do it, targeting your gazebo to the event you’re at can catch people’s eyes. It will make them appreciate your effort and help your brand connect with more consumers.

6) You Can Take Your Branding Beyond Your Gazebo’s Top

When people think about printed gazebos, some think about just the overhead portion. Many gazebos, however, have inner, back, and side walls. With a custom gazebo design, you can print on all of those surface areas! What that means for you is that you have the opportunity to showcase more information to consumers when they approach your booth. Think about sharing your phone number, social media handles, website’s, and more. With a printed gazebo, every surface can act as a business card that will increase the likelihood of making a sale!

The Benefits Of Having A Printed Gazebo

Trade shows and other special events can provide tremendous opportunities for your business. You can make sales, hunt down leads, and build relationships. Standing out at busy events like these can be hard. With a printed gazebo, however, you have the opportunity to showcase your business's most important information. You can also express what makes you special. Whether you’re looking to gain impressions for your brand, showcase a special promotion or you just want to share a special design targeted to the event you’re at, custom gazebos can help.

The possibilities are only limited by your creativity! If you’re a business owner who feels like you could benefit from all of the unique advantages a printed gazebo can provide, Event Display can help! At Event Display, we specialize in creating a variety of branding pieces companies can leverage at a business to business and consumer-facing events. Whether you’re looking for professionally designed gazebos, umbrellas, inflatable tents and more, our team has a solution for you! Browse our inventory to see everything we have to offer or for more information, feel free to contact us today!