Custom Printed Feather Banners & Wind Flags

Need big branding at an affordable price? We do it! Your business will stand out from the dreary surroundings with these awesome feather banners or if your brand is better suited, try our teardrop banners. They are easy to mount; they are great in terms of visibility and catching people’s attention. And this translates easily – High visibility equates to a high target audience viewership, which equates to a higher number of possible leads, or audience that is impacted by your brand.

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Drag The Locals in with Feather Banners & Flags

Everyone knows what banners are, but you would have definitely seen feather banners dotted around at events and trade shows. As you might expect, they're banners designed to resemble huge, blown-up bird’s feathers. What may surprise you is the potential of this trusty advertising tool.

When people drive by your business, they see your sign along the roadside. It's how they know you're there. With one of our highly visible feather banners displayed outside your establishment, you could easily catch the attention of passersby.

Around 45 percent of customers admit they stop at stores on a whim simply because they see an eye-catching sign. Incidentally, that makes physical banners about 44 percent more effective than the digital banner ads you're probably flashing around on the internet. Visibility and the power to draw in customers are certainly reasons enough to send us an email asking about our custom banners right now, but if you need more convincing, the list of advantages doesn't end here.

A Full Array of Sizes

Our feather banners come in heights of 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 metres with widths ranging from 63 to 80 cm. For more details on these sizes, feel free to click on the photo provided. All of these banner sizes can be paired with our marquees using a special bracket.

Your Choice of Shapes

Rather than being limited to a single shape with feather banners, even the contours of the curves can be tailored to your liking. Whether you prefer a sharp, narrow angle at the corner of the “feather” or a gently flowing curve, it's really all up to you. If you wish to maximise the display space on the banner, you might want to opt for a straight 90 degree cut. If the conventional feather shape varieties don't appeal to you, we also offer other styles such as teardrop banners

Our inventory likewise includes a variety of flag displays, so be sure to view our entire selection before making a decision. We can display any message you need whether it be your company logo, a promotional event or a special farewell for a long-time employee.

Colours Galore

We use state-of-the-art equipment as well as CMYK digital printing processes in creating your banners, and as far as quality imaging goes, this combination can't be beat. We can accommodate any colour scheme imaginable and even generate full colour complex gradients across the entire surface of your banner.

Premium Quality

Our team follows strict manufacturing standards using 320 to 680 gsm oxford polyester material. Banners are printed with UV-resistant ink and heated. This not only locks in the colour, but also acts as a fade test. From that point, our flags and banners are covered with a non-toxic coating to further protect against the elements. The material is specifically designed to stand up to high winds as well.

Maximum Mobility

Feather banners are great for directing customers to your storefront, but they're also perfect for other situations. They're light weight and come with all the equipment necessary for easy set-up and dismantling. You can easily move them around to sporting events, street fairs, trade shows, conventions or any other place you'd like to make your presence known. By the way, we furnish complimentary carrying cases, so you don't have to worry about your banners being damaged in transit.

Fill out the form provided, and let us help you with all your printed feather banner needs. We welcome any of your images, but if you're unsure of exactly what you want, our design team is here to offer guidance. Our goal is to not just meet the expectations of every customer, but exceed them. Your banners are a testament to our dedication to quality, so when you order with us, you can rest assured you'll receive a satisfactory product that will deliver for you time and time again.