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35x65m Expo Venue

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Our range of temporary tent structures and covers are used all over Australia. Their uses range from industrial and mining needs to disaster mitigation to events and functions. With sizing available from 4x4 metres up to 32x32 metres these structures are all manufactured from high quality aluminum framework with rust protection and anti oxidisation coating. Combined with flame retardant outer coverings.

*Please consult your local council and enquire about potentially required building or temporary structure permits required in your local region.

Read below for technical specifications and further information on construction details.


Structure ground space

35 Metres by 65 Metres

Height at sides

4.8 Metres

Height at roof peak

10.4 Metres

Framework material

Premium aluminium framework in varying section sizes & dimensions.

Structual profile

Framework coating

Rust protection and anti oxidisation coating included.

Covering material

Polyester with double side coated PVC.


Flame retardant DIN4102 B1/M2.

Wind rating

Up to 80kmh (Not generally recommended for use in storms or hazardous weather)

Potential upgrades & accessories available

Structure upgrades

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