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Businesses looking for a new way to advertise are sure to find stretch tents to be the inspiration they have been searching for. Inflatable Structures are truly unique, thus they attract the attention of everyone passing by. They are modern, simple to setup in minutes, and work in a variety of settings, making them the perfect choice for any organisation. We offer a 100% FREE design service which allows you to order the perfect inflatable for your business so reach out to us today and get a free quote.


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Custom Branded Inflatable Domes & Stretch Tents

How can a business make use of this advertising option to increase their brand awareness and why should they choose this method over the many others available today? Read on to find out.

Big Branding Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth

Inflatable Tents provide a way for a business to advertise in a manner that is consistent with their personality and style, one that truly reflects who they are as a company. In addition, the business can select accessories that allow them to distinguish their business even more. For example, one company may find LED lights are the best way to showcase their products, and another business would benefit more from the addition of a connecting tunnel to their stretch tent. The ideas are endless and ensure each business can make their structure unique.

A Myriad Of Design & Customisation Options

Stretch Tents come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Furthermore, companies select from a range of colours and fabrics, ones that complement those found in their other advertising materials. This is of great importance when it comes to brand awareness. When the right tent cannot be found, contact the provider, as they can create a unique tent that specifically meets the requirements of the company and the event. There is no need to settle for something less than ideal when the option of creating a one-of-a-kind tent is provided.

Easy To Setup And Deflate In Minutes

Inflatable Marquees set up in as little as five minutes and all items are provided in the kit. This includes the printed cover, the blower, tie-down ropes with solid anchor points, and more. Companies never have to worry about arriving at an event only to find they are missing one or more items they need to properly advertise their organisation, as the kit contains everything required to make use of the structure. This helps to reduce the stress associated with taking part in an event, which is something businesses are certain to appreciate.

Flexibility In Any Environment Or Event Situation

One problem many companies encounter with certain types of advertising methods is they are restricted to using the products only in certain locations or under specific weather conditions. This isn't the case when a stretch tent is selected, as it can withstand high winds, extreme weather, and more. For businesses looking to advertise in adverse conditions, such as those found in certain extreme sports, this advertising method is ideal, and this is only one location where an inflatable structure will be of great aid.

Inflatable Structures are an option every business should consider. With so many benefits associated with these products, it's surprising that every company isn't rushing to obtain one. The return on investment an organisation can expect to obtain from this purchase far outweighs the initial cost and, as the tent can be used in a variety of locations, is a great way to attract the attention of consumers, and it brings more awareness to the business in a short period of time.